I don’t mind admitting that I’m a bit rusty on who is good out there for bespoke cooksuites, especially with induction options. Can anyone add to Athanor, Control Induction and Charvet? Distributor-friendly manufacturers, of course…. !


  1. MKN
  2. We have been working with MKN for some time now. An excellent product range and the Bespoke Suite options have in my opinion unrivalled competition. I have included Wayne Bennett and Rob Purdie’s details below:
  3. We tend to use Charvet, Menu Systems & MKN.
    Charvet tend still to be more gas led but are getting better.
    Menus systems for induction come at a price but are good.
    MKN, good solid and reliable still but not as flashy as the Menu System.
    Control induction – we have had experience of them going direct to clients, so be wary.
  4. The distributor can speak to DeManincor. He should contact Phil, the UK Business Development Manager. Email:
  5. Locher (sister company of Valentine Fryers)
  6. Grande Cuisine – Mareno ?
    Exclusive Ranges – Capic ?
    BUT Control Induction all day long – I have found these rarely break down, are easy to work on and the after sales more importantly is 100%!
  7. Ceba Solutions Ltd (ceda Member 2023) are distributors for:
    – Athanor Grand Cuisine
    – Charvet
    – Electrolux
    – Bonnet
    – Falcon
    – Baron
    – Mareno
    – Lincat
    All dependant on budget, access, food offer and requirements. Happy to assist where we can.  Kind regards, Geoff Edwards. Email: M: 07483 414158
  8. Exclusive Ranges – Menu Systems and Mareno
  9. See below list:
    – Baron
    – Olis
    – Ambach
    – Palux
    – MKN
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