Is there such a thing as an independent mobile hand wash station that HEATS (water supply will be provided but wondered if there was anything like this on the market 13amp plug)?


  1. IMC/Lincat do one here is the link
  2. Not sure if it’s a 13amp plug but try CED model number 806 519UK.
  3. Parry, IMC plus another other couple of fabricators do them. They became popular during lockdown / Covid restrictions!
  4. I think Burco do one, 2kw plug in.
  5. Parry –
  6. We are aware of the following options that run off a 13amp plug:
  7. Parry Catering Equipment – 
  8. Burco – Mobile Handwash with Infra-red Foot Sensor 10L Stainless Steel – Model no: HW0110
  9. Try and
  10. We have dealt with two suppliers in the past who have “heated” WHBs versions in their range.
    Tournus via CED or Parry Catering Equipment.
    We can supply either brand.
    Richard Smith
  11. Try: Burco HW01 Mobile Hand Wash Station Stainless Steel (
  12. I believe Lincat do IMCLEAN mobile hand wash stations that can be heated.
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