I have been asked to fit out two rooms with suitable wine racking and correct storage for all types of wine. This is in a stately home so would need to be aesthetically pleasing. Are there any companies who specialise in this type of thing?


  1. Iglu cold systems, they make bespoke systems.
  2. There was a company that use to make wine walls …I think pent land wholesale may of been there importer.
  3. Igloo produce some magnificent wine walls incorporating controlled temperatures for both white and red.
  4. We have just fitted a massive glass wine fridge in a hotel in London. Obviously as it’s bespoke any wine fridge, any shape, any size can be manufactured. Greg Swift at Catering Fabrications on 07795 282815 will be able to help. Email : gregs@cateringfabrications.comGreg emailed CEDA to say ‘As we are a bespoke manufacturer we can basically supply anything to meet your requirements for both chilled and ambient storage and would therefore very much welcome the opportunity to get involved with this project.’
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