We are looking to partner with a new Out of Hours emergency breakdown service operation (inc. trade-critical items, not just gas leaks/floods etc).

We would ideally need nationwide cover – but 99% of the work will come from London.

Can anyone suggest a reliable company with spare capacity? We have tried Total QSR but they are unable to continue supporting us due to sheer volume of calls, both in and out of NWH. Thank you.


  1. Crystaltech Services (UK) Limited (ceda Member) have said ‘WE are able to support all Warewashing repairs nationwide with our own engineers (we do not subcontract) and are a genuine 7-day service. Contact: Derek Maher Email: Tel: 0370 350 2424 Website:
  2. NWCE Foodservice equipment (ceda Member) have said ‘This is something we may be able to help with.’ Contact: Ben Odling. Email: Tel: 0161 764 8688. Website: 
  3. A ceda Member suggested ‘Aggora Technical’ Contact: Darren Sandon -Technical Director Website:
  4. A ceda Member has said ‘I believe these do nationwide: Aire Valley Catering. Contact: James Needham. Tel: 07710 021137 or 01904 607048
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