We are working in the design of a project where the kitchen is located in the basement. There is currently a manhole/with sump pump located in the space allocated for the kitchen area. We have recommended against this being left here but the cost to relocate may be prohibitive/the client obviously wishes to avoid. Can any member give advice as to whether there are any particular regulations that would specifically prohibit this situation?



CEDA Technical Support: Can you ask the member if the sump is collecting foul drainage from other parts of the building or just drainage from the kitchen area?

Reply from Enquirer: I am advised that it is only serving the kitchen area itself.

CEDA Technical Support to a CEDA contact: To the best of your vast knowledge, do you know of any regulation that prohibits or relates to the installation of a sump pump within a sump in a commercial kitchen? In the case that has been referred to me, I believe the sump will only deal with drainage from the kitchen and not involve foul water from other parts of the building.

Reply to Enquirer from CEDA Technical Support: My own experience was confirmed by the TSG which is that it is allowable providing the manhole cover is airtight, but check with the Local Buildings Inspector. I tried the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health but they only said that you should consult the local EHO.

The best advice I have been given is from a CEDA contact as below:

Reply from CEDA contact: It’s not ideal, but, in my experience, I’ve seen plenty installed inside Foodservice areas. As with Underground Interception systems, they should be outside the curtilage of the Kitchen operation.

This is a Building Regulations issue. Therefore, the Building Inspector would need to advise. Relevant BS code – The British Standard – BS EN 12056-1:2000 – Drainage Systems Inside Buildings.

“Drainage systems shall be designed and installed so that health and safety of the users and occupiers of the building is not affected, by amongst other things, the penetration of toxic or noxious odours into the building”. “Drainage pipework systems installed inside buildings shall not release vapours and foul air into the building”.

Food Safety Regs also come into play.

Please refer to the following documents:



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