We have a big client not happy with the way we pack glassware etc when shipping by carrier. We double bubble wrap each carton to avoid breakages, but they are not happy with the amount of packaging they are left with per week per site to dispose of. Then there is the green issue too. Our belief is that any other way ends up with breakages, hassle factor at both ends, loss of margin and then of course there is a green issue of shipping all over again with replacements! Any advice as to what others may be doing would be most welcome. Many thanks.


  1. Just a thought to reduce waste volume with or without changing the packaging:
  2. I only know of this from my previous job/industry. They could look at a paper packaging option: 
    This is a more eco alternative to plastic bubble wrap and probably more accepting by the client if it can be easily recycled.
    The only other alternative in my opinion would be returnable flight-case style solutions where the empty crate is returned back to the ceda member, arranged by courier.
  3. I’ve just seen an Instagram story from a brand I follow (none catering equipment related). 
    This might be ideal for the ceda member; they would just have to manage the return of the returnable box back to them!
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