Can any member recommend a transport company capable of warehousing, consolidation and delivery of equipment for kitchen projects? Similar to the service Keith Elkington used to offer to dealers a few years ago.


  1. ceda Member ‘NWCE Foodservice Equipment’ have said that they can help with this. Contact Ben Odling Tel: 0161 764 8688 Email: Website:
  2. ceda Member ‘General Catering’ have said they can help. Please contact Amjad Alikhan – Tel: 01302 340742 – Email: Website:
  3. ceda Member ‘Scobie Foodservice Limited’ have said Scobie McIntosh has a warehouse near Gatwick with its own logistic company plus engineers and installers. Contact John Ward Email: Tel: 01342 840429
  4. ceda Member ‘Archer Catering Systems Ltd’. Contact: Nick Archer to discuss Tel: 0161 737 8307 Email:
  5. We have used Archers, who are a ceda Member. Nick Archer 07836 776858
  6. These guys offer the service required they work mainly with the catering equipment industry. IAC Delivery Solutions Contact Chris Cox – Tel: 01795 475222
  7. There is a company called Harrison Carr based in Leicester – they can also install. Tel:  0116 260 2222. Steve Carr is the contact or Louise. Would highly recommend them.
  8. IAC offer this service they are based in Kent.
  9. PAD logistics also offer this service and are based near Manchester.
  10. Speak to Chris at IAC Delivery Solutions. Email: They are spot on! Tel: 01795 475222 or email:
  11. I’m not sure if Certa offer this service, contact is Dan Loria 07714 344626, but suspect they might, if so, would imagine it’s not as eye wateringly expensive as Keith Elkington was.
  12. IAC delivery solutions.
  13. We use IAC based in Kent and also have a depot in Northampton.
  14. I believe Harrison Carr do this. I have worked with them in the past but not for this service –
  15. We use IAC. Andrew Cox – Project Manager – IAC Delivery Solutions – Tel: 07966 244 003 or 01795 475 222
  16. We use and can recommend IAC who provide this service to us.
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