I am struggling to locate a UK distributor for Fagor. I have tried to make direct contact with the supplier in Spain however, I have had no response to date. Does anyone have any contact details for me please? Thank you


  1. Airedale – – are now the UK distributers however parts can be obtained from CaterParts and Crystaltech Services (UK) Limited – – service their Warewashing products.
  2. Airedale are the sole UK agent for Fagor in UK.
  3. Try Valera
  4. Airedale sell Fagor however the list prices are available on Caterquotes.
  5. I did some subcontract work for a company importing in Fagor dishwashers. Contact Hazel – Tel: 07926101928 Email:
  6. The best I can suggest is make direct contact with Fagor in Spain
  7. They could try John Stillwell on Tel: 07919220812
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