Precision Launches It’s All New 670 Refrigerated Counter Series

Stylish, Built to Last & Sustainable

ceda Silver Partner, Precision Refrigeration’s latest incarnation of its top selling 670 series refrigerated counter products is the culmination of two years design and testing work by their R&D department, incorporating the latest advances in energy saving technology and valued feedback from customers. The result is not just a sleek new “front of house” modern look, but A grade energy labels for all GN1/1 refrigerated counters… including those with drawer configurations.

These new counters can still be completely built-in, with no need for ventilation gaps at the back, top or side. The condensing unit draws in cool air and expels it entirely through the innovative and stylish “ventless” front grill – even in the hottest kitchens.

They have also been designed to be our most sustainable products yet. With electricity prices at their current high levels, energy efficiency is more important than ever, for both the environment and the bottom line. Reusability is also a key feature. The new design is modular and extremely flexible allowing an operator to repurpose an old freezer counter into a fridge for example. The refrigeration systems can be easily swapped out and new doors, or even drawers, can be added to reuse an old counter rather than buy a new one. Once the product does reach the end of its life, 98% of the materials are recyclable.

Increased insulation, an improved thermal break, better internal airflow technology and the latest energy efficient refrigeration components have all contributed to achieving these enviable energy results. The refrigerant and insulation material used also have zero ODP (Ozone depletion potential) further contributing to the product’s sustainable credentials.

Precision will be showcasing these new products at HOST in Milan from 13-17th October. Hall 2 Stand F35-G36.

Full details of these new products can be found on our website here: