New Lincat Grill provides ideal Synergy

One of the most dramatic industry partnerships has been unveiled today. The revolutionary multi-patented Synergy Grill technology will, for the very first time, be available to those desiring a suited chargrill solution, thanks to a unique agreement between Synergy Grill and the leading prime cooking provider, Lincat.  Synergy Grill has never before allowed its unique British made advanced grill technology to be used by another company, although the benefits of; massive energy savings, cleaner, safer kitchens, cleaner ventilation shafts and above all higher food quality, are now being increasingly specified by a wide range of end users.

The move, which will see the two British companies collaborating on a number of initiatives and projects, has been designed to ensure that customers who aspire to a suited look and feel within the kitchen, can now upgrade to what is widely seen as the future of commercial cooking.

Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill, enthused:

“We are delighted to be supplying this technology and associated experience to Lincat who, like Synergy, has an industry reputation for outstanding quality and premium customer service.  Whilst we were approached by another manufacturer for the use of our technology, after having met with the Lincat team, we were completely attuned to their positive management philosophy and specific vision to deliver the best possible equipment, with the fastest financial payback. In such a tight margin market, restaurants need to ‘future proof’ themselves with the best available technology.”

Chris Jones, Managing Director of Lincat is delighted with the new agreement:

“Synergy Grills bring many benefits to the operator with significant gas savings, higher flavour and moisture retention that delivers more succulent food, and one of the easiest cleaning regimes in the industry. The grill has become, for many, an essential part of quality food delivery and therefore Lincat is delighted to be able to offer Synergy Grill technology within our Opus 800 Series. We look forward to working with the Synergy team on numerous projects in the coming years, especially those which demand precise menu formatting to optimise the customer experience.”

Utilising the very latest patented technology, Synergy Grills produce a better cook result, require less ventilation and are one of the easiest grills to clean. Instead of adding to the ever growing number of fatbergs, the grill simply atomises the fat thereby eradicating the need for fat trays. This means that operators just vacuum up any remaining dust at the end of service.

Lincat will be adding the two new chargrills, incorporating the Synergy Grill technology, to its Opus 800 series offering, in both single and double formats.

For further information on the full Synergy Grill range or to arrange a demonstration, visit, call 01480 811000 or email To enquire about purchasing an Opus 800 series Synergy Grill please visit or call 01522 875500.