New ceda website launches

As part of our re-brand and ongoing marketing plans, we have launched a brand new, customer-focused website We announced last year, the appointment of Creation ADM as our new PR and marketing partners. Since then they have been busy creating a brand new website for us that reflects the ceda values and our direction for the future. Whilst you will find familiar content from the old website, you’ll see a vast improvement in the aesthetics and functionality of the site. The front end of the website is designed to attract end-users, operators and customers to learn more about the work that ceda and ceda Members do, as well as connecting them with ceda Members. Some of the changes are subtle yet important in the consistency we are trying to achieve across all our marketing efforts whether it be social media, email newsletters, exhibition banners, our new pin badges and our print correspondence. The new ceda branding that we unveiled last year takes centre stage on the new site. Part of this included coloured categories; design (green), equipment (red) and projects (orange) which you’ll see implemented across the website. Navigation on the desktop site takes the form of graphical icons, again in the new corporate colours, to bring to life and add interest to the content. The biggest change is a more streamlined and user-friendly ‘Find A Specialist’ section. We know this is one of the most used functions of the website and so we’ve given it greater gravitas by making it the second navigation menu item. Once on the page itself, the way you search for Members is more robust, and the results more specific. You’ll enter sector, service, and region requirements to bring you the most targeted results possible. Try it for yourself: Ask A Specialist. Whilst we’re talking about finding Members, Creation have asked us, to ask you, to consider updating your profile on the ceda website. Please take some time to review your content and send us any updates. Quite a few of you are missing images and logos. We really need this content to show you off as best as possible. Another highlight of the new website is the Gallery. Here we want to build up a visual representation of impressive Member projects to highlight your successes and bring together the best of ceda. We’ve made a start by including the most recent ceda Grand Prix winners, but we need more! Please send us up to 6 high quality images and approx 200 words of projects you’ve been involved in, for consideration. Please email In the Members Area, you will find the same comprehensive amount of technical documentation, details on services, how to make the most of using the ceda brand and up to date industry information as well as a link to the E-Learning platform. You will be able to submit your entries for the Grand Prix Awards here too. We hope you’ll find this content of use. We’re really pleased with the new site and believe it showcases the ceda brand and what it means to be a ceda Member in 2018 and beyond.

Please take some time to explore and familiarise yourself with the site; it will be a valuable tool for you during your Membership. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to any feedback you may have – positive or constructive.