MKN: Your Onsite Training Partner

Do you share our commitment to making sure operators can get the best results from their kitchen investment? We’re here to help add value to your services.

At MKN we believe we have a responsibility to support chefs in getting the most from their new appliances, and to make them as long-lasting as possible.

That’s why we work closely with our dealer partners to provide training on-site for all MKN customers in the UK, matched to their individual requirements.

Your customers can benefit from:

  • – One or more members of the MKN team visiting the customer’s kitchen to help commission the appliances, run through basic operations and highlight key features
  • – Support with pre-set cooking programmes, making sure staff have time-saving programmes available at their fingertips
  • – Advice on how to look after kit, including automatic cooking programmes and any regular maintenance checks to maintain performance
  • – Specific support with menu development and how to use MKN equipment for different cooking processes
  • – Discussions and practical support to ensure appliances are used in accordance with the customer’s health and safety guidelines and procedures

Online training and support is also available, including the MKN Digital Centre, a state-of-the-art broadcast studio at our HQ in Germany, with integrated show kitchen. From here we offer world-leading customer support materials including livestreams, cooking shows and webinars, individual training courses and digital seminars.

Want to know more? 

If you’re a dealer looking to benefit from enhanced training on MKN appliances, simply call 01329 757890 to discuss your next project with the MKN team.