MKN delivers a better solution for grease collection

With increasingly stringent requirements placed on operators to prevent FOG from reaching the sewage network, there are a raft of grease collection systems and technologies available to choose from.

Specifying the best system to connect to cooking appliances can be a challenge. Aside from the risk of environmental health issues, property damage and reputational damage if operators don’t meet their responsibilities, water companies will take action against repeat offenders. This could include recovering costs incurred in clearing blockages, prosecution and court fines based on a percentage of turnover.

MKN offers an enhanced solution through its innovative Grease Collection system, available as an option on MKN FlexiCombi MagicPilot combi steamer models.

Addressing the issue

Combi ovens and combi steamers are plumbed to the drainage network and can generate significant levels of high temperature FOG during the cooking process – when cooking rotisserie chickens, for example. As such, guidance states that they should be connected to grease trapping equipment.

MKN’s innovative system allows operators to achieve almost 100% separation of recyclable cooking liquids, pumping excess oil, fats and liquids from the FlexiCombi into a separate container for collection. The waste can then be sold to other industries such as biofuel and cosmetics to drive additional income.

It is cheaper than a market-leading Grease Recovery Unit (GRU), service-free, far easier to use and maintain, has a greater capacity than competing systems and removes the need to manually empty oil reservoirs (which means no spillages in the kitchen). It is almost 100% efficient at capturing grease thanks to the use of patented technology, unlike other systems relying on gravity which are around 60% effective.

And if that’s not enough, it collects grease at the source, ensuring separation of cooking grease and fats, which adds value to the waste products and helps contribute to the circular economy because recycling companies require different waste for different by products.

Want to know more?

To learn more about MKN’s Grease Collection system for new FlexiCombi MagicPilot combi steamers, call the UK team on 01329 757890.