Mechline to showcase Clean Air Solutions and Grease Management at HRC

21-23 March – ExCeL London

Mechline Developments will be showcasing a range of innovative hygiene and FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease and Starches) management solutions at HRC to help foodservice and hospitality operators move forward with confidence, as we embrace living with Covid.

HyGenikx – tested and effective air and surface sanitisation 

One of the highlights on the Mechline stand (P450) will be the HyGenikx air and surface sanitisation system, which was awarded ‘Hygiene Product of the Year’ in The Caterer Supplier Awards. The Caterer accolade follows independent laboratory trials conducted by Campden BRI which confirmed that HyGenikx is effective at removing airborne Coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 which causes Covid-19. The results of the trials proved that HyGenikx removed up to 99.99% of an airborne Covid-19 surrogate.*

HyGenikx is also proven to neutralise odours and to reduce spoilage by extending the shelf-life of perishable food on average by 58%, and up to 150% for certain produce** – and so offers an attractive combination of benefits for operators as Nick Falco, Product and Technical Director at Mechline explains:

“As a tried and tested technology, HyGenikx has a huge role to play in controlling infection and maintaining hygiene standards, as indoor air quality remains a primary driver when it comes to the transmission of Coronavirus. In fact, we believe HyGenikx is the most rigorously tested unit of its type on the market. Affordable and easy to install, HyGenikx is a plug and play solution which offers 24/7 protection. Importantly, it enables operators to look ahead with confidence as we get on with business and learn to live with Covid.”

Stay compliant with FOGS Management Solutions

Visitors to stand P450 can find out more about Mechline’s comprehensive, 4-step FOGS management solution which includes: assessing the FOGS management needs of a venue; selecting the correct equipment; installation, commissioning and training, followed by ongoing service and support – all with the aim of ensuring that commercial kitchens stay compliant with UK regulations.

Mechline’s team will also be showcasing three products which can seamlessly integrate to create the ultimate FOGS management solution. Firstly, Mechline’s easy-to-use Food Waste Strainer, with its innovative basket design, reduces the build-up of food waste sediment in the drainage system. In addition, Mechline’s BioCeptor system combines GreasePak’s proven biological treatment solution, with the FOG Intercept and Treatment unit (F.I.T) which retains and breaks down FOGS – preventing them from entering drainage systems. It combines the traditional principles of entrapment and retention, with the natural process of bioremediation, to permanently degrade FOGS onsite. When used together Mechline’s Food Waste Strainer and BioCeptor system can prolong intervals between servicing in comparison to a standalone grease trap.

With a range of market leading solutions to help operators improve air quality, enhance hygiene standards, optimise efficiency and remain compliant – a visit to the Mechline stand (P450) will be time well spent.

*For more information on the HyGenikx testing at Campden BRI visit:

**For more information on the ALS fresh food shelf-life study visit: