MCS Technical Products launches Klima Meat Aging Cabinet by Zernike for ageing meat up to and over 75 days

To meet the growing consumer demand for dry aged meat, ceda Platinum Partner, MCS Technical Products, has launched the Klima Meat Aging Cabinet by Zernike. Unlike other cabinets on the market, which can only age two year old meat up to 30 days maximum, the Klima cabinet allows older meat which is three, four or five years old to be aged up to and above 75 days without the addition of salt. This produces tender and moist meat.

Steve Snow, managing director, MCS Technical Products, says:“Meat becomes much more succulent as a result of the process and this can be reflected in a higher retail price. The cabinets are very flexible. You can mature products with different aging times without interrupting the production chain.”

How does it work? Temperature and humidity can be set precisely via the electronic control system, which also manages the internal air circulation. The patented Oxigenklima system makes it possible to create the ideal climate for any kind or age of meat. The humidity generator creates an even distribution of the humidity in each point of the aging chamber. The result is an optimal aging result with a weight loss percentage (around 3-4%)  and a reduction in productive times and costs. The system delivers a measured and planned oxygenation of the meat, which kills micro-organisms and moulds.

The Klima can also be used to produce artisan cheese, game, prosciutto and other charcuterie.

It has special stainless steel bars with hooks to hang the meat on, which makes it easier loading and unloading the products. Each part of the Klima cabinet is removable and dishwasher safe.

Available in three sizes, it has a two year warranty with parts and labour.

MCS Technical Products provides its customers with a comprehensive after care service with engineers throughout the country.

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