Mechline presented with FCSI Sustainable Catering Equipment Award

Mechline have been presented with the FCSI Sustainable Catering Equipment Award for its newest product HyGenikx, awarded at the annual CESA conference.

Initiated by the FCSI UK & Ireland (Foodservice Consultants) this award is the only annual equipment award to recognise the CESA members’ product that is considered to best achieve the requirements of sustainability in its practical application and use.

CESA (Catering Equipment Suppliers Association) members, of which there are over 200, are invited to submit their entries for this award, which is intended to recognise innovation and excellence in achieving savings of energy, water, CO2 emissions or consumables.

As there are a wide range of products that are eligible, the entry process has been designed to give every member’s product the opportunity to compete and be judged for this prestigious award which is an annual feature of the CESA conference.

The theme of this year’s conference was 2020 Visions, looking to the future of the foodservice equipment industry, and for the first time in its history the Sustainable Catering Equipment accolade was presented to two companies, Mechline and Hobart, after judges failed to separate the two high-quality entries.

Mechline’s new revolutionary air and surface hygiene system, HyGenikx, is proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the food service and hospitality environment—helping to improve cleanliness and infection control for customers and staff. HyGenikx provides 24-7 hygiene and safety protection and has been proven to extend the life and quality of fresh perishable food, which significantly reduces food waste and cost!

The advanced and compact, wall mounted system, utilises a combination of the most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies available (Dual Waveband UV, Germicidal Irradiation, Photocatalytic Oxidation) to produce Superoxide Ions and Plasma Quattro, which are proven to eradicate harmful bacteria, viruses, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), moulds and fungi, as well as neutralise all odours.

Nick Falco, Product & Technical Manager at Mechline comments: “It was a great honour to accept this award on behalf of Mechline. Our product, HyGenikx, was designed and manufactured using the most effective and refined technologies with the intention to make a real positive difference across the food service environment—for hygiene, food safety and, the big one, reducing food waste! It really is revolutionary, and great that this has been recognised.”

In an independent validation study carried out by ALS Laboratories—the UK’s leading provider of food and drink testing services—the ability of HyGenikx to prolong the shelf-life of perishable food stored in a cold room and improve environmental conditions was tested. The overall results showed that HyGenikx increased the shelf-life of fresh produce on average by 58.1%, or ~7.5 days (with some produce proving to last as much as 150% longer), improved surface hygiene by ~45% and reduced the overall airborne contamination levels by ~76% during the length of the trial (31 days).

The HyGenikx range has models to suit every application, from food preparation areas, cold rooms and front of house, to washrooms, refuse areas and beyond, and joins Mechline’s ever-expanding collection of environmentally friendly, hygienic solutions for the food service industry.

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