Manitowoc Ice Help Operators to Ensure a Squeaky, Clean Operation by Offering Complimentary LuminIce® II Sanitisation Kit

ceda Platinum Partners Welbilt, are pleased to announce an update to its Manitowoc Ice range. The promotion gives a complimentary LuminIce growth inhibitor kit, which helps prevent the build-up of bacteria and airborne viruses in their ice maker range.

Manitowoc Ice is offering a complimentary LuminIce® II Sanitisation Kit with all new orders of their Indigo NXT or NEO Ice Machines. Available to independent UK businesses, this limited-time* offer is designed to help UK operators get back to business in a safe, sanitary and Covid-secure way as Jonathan Smith, Field Marketing – Ice & Blended Ice – Welbilt EMEA outlines:

“As we see more and more outlets open up and the hospitality industry start to get back to business, the importance of sanitation has never been greater.

It is for this very reason that Manitowoc Ice launched this sanitation-led promotion, allowing eligible UK operators to receive a complimentary LuminIce® II kit which uses technology to defend against airborne viruses and inhibit the growth of bacteria.”

Working 24/7, 365 days a year, LuminIce® II works by using a combination of a germicidal grade UVC light and UVV light to emit cold oxygen plasma into the ice maker’s food zone to defend against airborne viruses and inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the machine. This means that the unit stays cleaner for longer. Combine this with the already sanitary-led design principles of Manitowoc ice machines, such as front-facing evaporators and food-safe materials, and operators are left with an ice solution that whole-heartedly puts hygiene at the forefront of operation.

In addition to improved hygiene and ice safety, the LuminIce® device also improves machine performance, ice taste and machine longevity.

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To find out more on the Manitowoc Ice Promotion, please contact your local, authorised Welbilt distributor/ dealer.