‘Management in a Minute’ available to ceda Members at a reduced rate

MANAGEMENT IN A MINUTE, the latest book from Philip Cripps, Thameside International’s Chief Executive, contains dozens of ways in which managers can enhance their communication skills to ensure they motivate and retain great staff.
SO YOU WANT TO BE A MORE EFFECTIVE MANAGER? But you have so many demands on your time that you cannot afford the luxury of even a two-day course. Well, now you can build your skills by the MINUTE. MANAGEMENT IN A MINUTE will provide you with practical, proven and powerful ways to enhance your managerial skills. Each Message addresses one specific aspect of communicating with team members, colleagues, clients and customers. As you master each technique and approach you will see tangible improvements in the results you achieve.
Thameside International can provide ceda Members with copies of MANAGEMENT IN A MINUTE at a reduced rate.

The paperback normally retails at £7.99 and the hardback at £10.99.  However, ceda Members can purchase the paperback for just £5 and the hardback for just £8. Postage and packaging will be added.

Members can order books by emailing karen@thamesideinternational.com.

Thameside International will email an invoice to purchasers.  Payments can only be made by BACS.

MANAGEMENT IN A MINUTE has received great press reviews and has broken the mould when it comes to management books.