Managed Services from ceda Silver Partner Brita Water Filters

We are proud to share the following update from Silver Partner to ceda, Brita Water Filter Systems Ltd.

BRITA Managed Services – helping kitchens avoid the impact of limescale damage on profitability

We all know that hard water can lead to limescale build up in combi-ovens, but have you really considered the overall cost impact on your kitchen operation?  Limescale build up can lead to:

  • Machine breakdown and kitchen downtime
  • Expensive repair or replacement costs
  • Higher energy costs

Prevention is Key!

Using a BRITA water filter on your appliances saves you money by preventing the problems that limescale can cause, as well as increasing the lifetime of your equipment.

Watch BRITA’s latest video to see how you can improve the profitability of your kitchen

Not only that, but it’s vital to change your filter on time to keep your equipment running optimally.  We know how busy kitchens can be, which is why BRITA Managed Services offer a range of services that can be tailored to your individual needs to help you manage your water filtration requirements.  From testing your water to monitoring your water filter usage and notifying you when your next
exchange is due, BRITA can manage it all for you.

Whether you are new to BRITA or an existing user, contact us today to find out how BRITA Managed
Services can help your business save time and money. Call 01869 365851