iCareSystem AutoDose – the new cleaning system for iCombi Pro tabletop units 

With the iCareSystem AutoDose, Rational now offers an integrated cleaning and reserve cartridge system as an option for the selected iCombi Pro tabletop units. Cleaner and care products are securely stored in the cooking system in solid form, enabling autonomous cleaning, either at the push of a button, or according to a cleaning schedule. 

Gone are the days when cleaning and care products needed to be handled for each cleaning process or cleaning was forgotten altogether. The iCareSystem AutoDose starts either at a specific time, for example always after closing time, or at the push of a button whenever it fits into the daily routine. In the settings, the cleaning can be programmed separately for each day according to appliance usage or according to the weekly schedule. The iCombi Pro automatically retrieves the cleaning products in the required concentration from the loaded cartridges. Graham Kille, Technical Sales Director at Rational, summarises the advantages as follows: “iCareSystem AutoDose increases work safety, saves time and ensures HACCP hygiene safety. Unlike many other cleaning solutions, there is no need for liquid cleaners or canisters outside of the cooking system.”  

With iCareSystem AutoDose, employees no longer need to handle daily cleaning tasks, Kille continues, this makes it all the more important not to lose sight of cleaning. Therefore, the iCombi Pro always keeps the user up to date and warns if, for example, the amount of cleaner product falls below a certain level or when cleaning is due. This information is displayed directly on the cooking system panel or via ConnectedCooking, the Rational kitchen management system.

“iCareSystem AutoDose is a breakthrough in cleaning innovation and the environment,” says Kille. This is because the cartridge is made of 100% recyclable PP (polypropylene). At the same time, plastic waste is reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional cleaner tab solutions. In addition, the AutoDose only uses the required amount of chemical that is needed at the time. iCareSystem AutoDose is the perfect carefree package: “The iCombi Pro is always clean and free of limescale, ensuring longevity and lower service costs.”

Further information on iCareSystem AutoDose can be found at rational-online.com. The new cleaning system for the iCombi Pro tabletop units will be officially launched at the Host trade fair in Milan in hall 4, booth D23 E24 D33 E34.

Rational recently presented the iCareSystem AutoDose at eight international events held at its headquarters in Landsberg am Lech. The company also gave its partners an insight into the new appliance category for the first time, which guarantees the shortest cooking times with the highest food quality thanks to intelligent and adaptive control of microwave technology.

“Our development team has succeeded in combining the three technologies of steam, hot air and microwave in such an intelligent and adaptive way that this extra power – for the first time on the market – can be used across all rack levels in a 6-1/1 cooking system,” Markus Paschmann, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer explained in his presentation. The result is an absolute specialist: “It was developed with a clear focus and as a supplement to the existing product range and geared to the special requirements of selected businesses. The iCombi and iVario continue to be the best solutions on the market for most customer requirements,” continues Paschmann. According to Rational, a gradual introduction is planned in spring 2024, with further information on technical details to follow in time for the launch.