How ceda keeps your customer’s business running

Those of you who attended the Technical Conference last week (10th October) will have seen our latest video which aims to show how ceda members keep the foodservice and catering industry on track. (We can’t get the song out of our head either!).

The video is the follow-up to the successful You Imagine, We Create film which premiered at the ceda Conference in April this year. More films are also in production as we speak.

Please forward this video on to your own existing and potential new clients to help them understand the benefits and advantages from dealing with a ceda member. Here’s the link to the video on the ceda YouTube channel:

Sharing this link will take people straight to the video. You may also consider embedding a copy on your own website, sharing the video on your social media channels or adding the link to your email footer.

We want the ceda message to go far and wide so please share away.

Customise this video for your own company!

The video was designed in such a way that it can also be personalised to your business. For those who would like to edit it, our creative team can replace the ceda logo in the top right of the video with your company logo. There is a small cost associated with this editing but it’s a great opportunity to develop your own marketing tools.

If you would like to discuss how to use and/or edit the video for your business please contact our marketing partners CreationADM on 0161 236 3939 or email