Hoshizaki Introduce the Industry’s First Hydrocarbon Crescent Ice Maker: the KMD-210AB-HC

Since developing the industry’s first hydrocarbon ice cuber back in 2014, ceda Platinum Partner, Hoshizaki, has continued to expand its hydrocarbon ice maker range in order to encourage operators to go greener. Now with the launch of the KMD-210AB-HC, environmentally conscious operators that are specifically looking to serve crescent shaped ice have the perfect option as Simon Frost, Director of Hoshizaki UK & Ireland enthuses:

“With zero ozone depleting potential (ODP), negligible global warming potential (GWP), and outstanding efficiency, the brand-new KMD-210AB-HC well and truly excels when it comes to sustainability. However, it’s not just the use of hydrocarbon refrigerant that makes this crescent ice maker so impressive, but also the unit’s CycleSaver® design.

This unique design allows for a high quantity of ice to be produced in approximately half as many cycles as similar competitor models, thus allowing operators to make significant energy savings – benefits which will particularly appeal to large, fast selling establishments such as nightclubs, stadiums, entertainment venues and hotels”

The slender shape of crescent ice will also appeal to these very venues and more for a whole host of reasons. For example, as well as this crystal-clear ice making for an exceptionally aesthetic addition to any drink, the curved shape of this ice allows for a splash-free serving. Furthermore, this ice structure is particularly ideal for operators that wish to slot bottles into filled champagne buckets and can be blended more easily than a standard square cube.

Operators of the KMD-210AB-HC will also find this ice maker exceptionally easy to maintain. In fact, the only element of manual cleaning that needs to be done with the KMD-210AB-HC is the cleaning of the machines air filters, the rest is taken care of by the unit’s double flushing system with built-in self-cleaning.

This high-quality system helps to extend the life of the unit at the same time as minimising cost of maintenance calls out – costs, which together with the exceptional energy savings of the KMD-210AB-HC make this ice maker exceptionally economical.

The price of the KMD-210AB-HC starts from £4720 +VAT. For more information on Hoshizaki’s hydrocarbon range, or to find out about any of the other appliances in the Hoshizaki portfolio, please visit www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.