Hobart Service invests in further support resources for industry reopening demands

In the week that hospitality businesses in England could reopen for customers indoors, HOBART Service has invested in and released further support content based on the demand trends they’ve seen in the marketplace during the first stage of reopening.

Pubs and Restaurants have been battling through unpredictable UK weather to serve eager returning dining guests outside, and the weather hasn’t been the only challenge for them…

HOBART Service have actively monitored the catering equipment service requests being reported by hospitality businesses during the first stage of outdoor only reopening, and has acted quickly to create a further round of support documentation to help these businesses – taking the lead to go above and beyond to support the industry, as they have over the past 12 months.

The news series of support content comes in the form of video, as 68% of consumers prefer guidance information that is presented in an easy to digest and follow, video format.

Some topics covered include the importance of deep cleaning commercial dishwashers regularly to optimise functionality and kill bacteria, how to restart, clean and troubleshoot common commercial dishwasher problem and reasons why dishes may not be coming out clean.

All support video content can be viewed on their HOBART Service YouTube channel.

In addition, a series of updated FAQs and step-by-step guides have also recently been released to help assist kitchen equipment restarts after long periods of inactivity, based on regular issues that are being reported.

Keith Mackie, Managing Director of Hobart Service:

“Hobart Service tends to be more end-user centric, which is how we have promptly identified an industry demand for video guides content.”

“This new suite of videos is to help operators safety start up their equipment, however is it important to ensure you are health and safety compliant (gas safe, pressure vessel tested etc.). If operators do need assistance, they can give us a call and we will do all we can both technically and commercially to help you get up and running.”


Hobart Service has the UK’s largest field force specialising in catering equipment maintenance. Our specialist service technicians are trained to support a vast range of makes and models of Hobart and third party equipment.

HOBART Service directly employees over 100 technicians nationwide, offering a fast response and repair when equipment breaks down, minimising downtime with one of the highest first time fix rates in the industry.

FINAL NOTE: If you require more information about this topic please get in touch on 01733 392 244, email at customer.service@hobartuk.com or visit www.hobartuk.com/service/overview/