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Technical Guidance Document #009

Until recently the only way in which an engineer could be registered as competent was to undergo assessment at a certified training and assessment centre to acquire the required ACS accreditations and then to be reassessed every five years. This is a relatively expensive procedure costing anything up to £2000 per engineer in fees and other costs such as time off the road etc. every five years. As part of their remit to review many aspects of the registration process, Gas Safe Register consulted with industry and established that there was interest, particularly from large employers to establish their own, in house, procedures and assessments to ensure that engineers were competent. The result of this is that companies have the option to establish their own “Group Competence Scheme” (GCS) as an alternative to the “Accredited Certification Scheme” (ACS).

Issued July 2015 / Re-branded June 2020

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Guidance Document No 9 - Group Competency Scheme

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