Electrolux Professional are the official Kitchen Sponsor of Obsession 24.

Electrolux Professional have been working in partnership to support chefs with the latest innovative commercial kitchen equipment. Obsession 24 is powered by Electrolux Professional’s Thermaline, SkyLine Combi Ovens and Blast Chillers.

The SkyLine Combi Ovens have been made to deliver outstanding performance. A new solution characterized by reduced running costs and designed with you in mind in terms of better ergonomics and usability.

What’s even better is that the SkyLine Combi offer has been extended for 3 months! Starting from the 20th January, simply register your SkyLine Combi Oven and your customers can receive a free kit of detergents for up to 1 year* of cleaning.

By using the right cleaning detergents, Electrolux Professional can ensure your SkyLine Combi Oven is always in optimum condition.

For more information, please contact your Electrolux Professional Authorized Partner.