Efficiency and production in a compact format

Sammic has unveiled its new Compact Line, incorporating vegetable preparation machines, cutters, and combined machines. Designed for kitchens with smaller production needs, this range delivers efficiency and productivity in a compact format. The Compact Line features two product ranges: ACTIVE, offering fixed speed and intuitive controls, and ULTRA, equipped with a brushless motor, variable speed, and an advanced digital control panel with an LCD color screen. Both ranges achieve an hourly output of up to 350 kg and include a 4.4-liter bowl.

The machines in the Compact Line stand out for their versatility, ergonomics, ease of handling, and space efficiency. They are easy to clean and maintain, with dishwasher-safe detachable parts. The veg prep function provides perfect cuts thanks to the meticulously designed discs and grids, offering over 35 different cutting types. Moreover, they feature an ejection ramp and bidirectional lateral product output, ensuring comfortable and effortless operation while taking utmost care of the processed product. Meanwhile, the cutters allow for efficient chopping, grinding, mixing, kneading, and emulsifying, achieving superior grinding quality.

The Ultra range focuses on process standardization. In its veg prep function, the Force Control System displays the applied force and allows for visual and auditory alerts to replicate a product’s cut. In the cutter function, up to nine customizable programs can be created to standardize work processes.

Déli-Cut: the most universal, practical, and versatile cut for the chef

The Déli-Cut, a unique 4x4x8 mm brunoise-type cut from Sammic, is ideal for a variety of dishes, such as tacos, salads, fillings, and more. The Déli-Cut’s versatility seamlessly integrates with the Compact Line, enabling chefs to fully utilize their machines’ capabilities without the need for additional equipment. With just a specific disc and grid, Sammic’s Compact Line vegetable preparation machines can achieve this universal cut, enhancing the consistency and quality of every prepared dish.