cedaSAFE Update

We’re pleased to announce that two new companies have received their cedaSAFE accreditation in September. They are:

  • Space Catering (UK) Ltd
  • Hatherley Commercial Services Limited

cedaSAFE is a health and safety accreditation available to any company working in the sector that achieve the necessary Health & Safety levels and covers both Design and Installation.

It has been devised as a result of discussion with the Health & Safety Executive who have highlighted a need to reduce bureaucracy and the cost of the various pre-qualification assessments, by establishing a single assessment standard for our Industry.

It is the most efficient accreditation to attain in terms of the paperwork required and it is the most cost-effective scheme to achieve. Yet, crucially, it achieves the same level of core criteria as all of the other schemes that are in the marketplace at the moment.

It requires the absolute necessary information but no more, so it is in no way diluted in order to make its’ attainment easy or cheap.

Visit our cedaSAFE information page

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