ceda launches ‘Introduction to Commercial Kitchen Design’ programme

The nine modules that make up the ‘Introduction to Commercial Kitchen Design’ Programme are now uploaded to and available on the ceda E-Learning Platform.

The modules, which can be taken individually or collectively as a programme, are aimed at providing foundational knowledge of the topic and are all ceda certificated. We have worked with Mike Sinclair, who has over 35 years experience in the catering design and implementation sector and our marketing and design partners CreationADM, to create the learning.

The modules can be used to introduce the nuances and technicalities of our sector to designers that are new to our industry or by way of continued professional development for existing designers, or indeed other roles within your business that want to develop and/or cross-skill. The module titles are:

  • – Receiving a Brief                         

  • – Catering Process                       

  • – Design Process

  • – Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • – Kitchen and Associated Areas

  • – Food Service Areas

  • – Wash Up / Utensil Wash Areas

  • – MEP Drawings

  • – Project Management

They join the ‘Commercial Kitchen Services’ modules – covering Electrical Knowledge, Gas Knowledge and Plumbing Knowledge – as ceda created content, exclusively available to Members.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will also be uploading e-learning programmes covering ‘Catering Project Management’, ‘Warewashing’, ‘Combination Ovens’, ‘Refrigeration’ and many more.

ceda Director General, Adam Mason, comments, “We have seen usage of our platform really accelerate since 2020 and now regularly record over 600 users every month. More and more Members are understanding the importance of developing their people and how this positively impacts both performance and loyalty.”

“Our objective of creating a culture and provision of career-long learning, education and development for all roles within our industry, that is free of charge to any member of staff within a ceda Member company is an ongoing process and whilst there remains much to do, progress and uptake so far is great.”

There are now 155 learning modules on the platform and Members have free of charge and unlimited access to them.

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