Whilst we always will attempt to gain direct client orders we have had to accept the JCT Sub-contract route for a current London project.

I have scrutinised the Main Contractors special amendments, which can be a minefield, but have also been required to provide Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Sub-Contractor’s Designed Portion (£10,000,000 for 12 years).

Have any other members:

A. Found a good source of cover for this PI

B. Argued successfully against it (and on what specific grounds) NB: in this instance we have not been the sole designer, both our client and architects have modified our original design significantly. This argument however falls on deaf ears with the head client and their consultants.

C. Dealt with main contractor Jerram Falkus and have any pointers on sub-clauses created by them which have been found to be particularly onerous


  1. For professional indemnity we would suggest that you contact Jelf Clarke Roxborough. Contact Darren Cronin – Tel: 01527 405433, Mobile: 07971 065317
    1. A. Jelf Darren Cronin
    2. B. No – basically ensure they sign off current design and record any objections you have on design issues where they have changed it.
    3. C. No – Negotiate each point
  2. Chris is the man. He is also ceda approved supplier.
  3. We hold £1m PI and have done for many years. We have always managed to persuade the client to accept it on the grounds that £1m should be sufficient for our portion of the works. There has only been one exception where the main contractor would not change their requirement even though we kept telling them it was a £50k care home. They insisted on £2m but we convinced them to pay for it and have it only for 1 year, which we all know completely defeats the purpose of PI. The QS just needed to tick a box. £10m for 12 years is extremely onerous and expensive especially where the design has been a joint effort. We buy our PI through Jelf who are known to CEDA.
  4. I managed to persuade them that it wasn’t suitable for the kitchen element of the project and finally it worked – so can only advise persistence. The reply we received was ‘We have had a break through and had confirmation from Lend Lease that £1m PI is acceptable!! Can you come back to me on the Terms and Conditions please ASAP and hopefully we can put this to bed.’
  5. I have argued successfully against P.I. We only do drawings for the convenience of our clients we have no qualification to allow us to take responsibility for these drawings, Nor do we make a charge for design. Quite simply we do not have PI insurance because we do not take any responsibility. We simply delete this paragraph from the contract when we send it back, there is usually a bit of argument but in the end, they have always excepted it. I remember one contract we crossed out about 2/3 of the contract clauses and it was accepted. If they want someone to take responsibility, they need to engage a consultant.
  6. There are lots of companies out there, but we use Jelf Clarke Roxburgh. We always argue against it on the basis that what we are doing is relatively small and low risk and have always got the to agree to £1mill to date

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A member has been asked about fire protection for cold rooms and it was intimated that it would have to comply with BS9999 (2017).

Has any member any experience with similar questions or related issues?


    1. I usually supply and install PIR fire rated panels for cold rooms where fire rating is required – which can be sourced via any cold room supplier such as Fosters who would typically use Kingspan. They can also do fire rated doors but these are not always required and if required are very expensive
    2. We did have this on one job a while back. I remember that getting fire-rated panels was achievable but involved a special order from the manufacturers in Germany (with associated costs and effects on lead-time). It was either Celltherm or Coldplan. Like a lot of projects, it will come down to how heavily regulated that particular site chooses to be – if the architects/consultants have set the safety bar that high and require such compliance, in our experience it has been pointless trying to argue against it.

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We are currently in the closing stages of the order process for a couple of large projects and the subject of collateral warranties has reared its head.

Are there any likely pitfalls that you are aware of, and are we obliged to sign up for this in the first place?
Your help is much appreciated as ever.


  1. Collateral Warranties are a necessary evil I’m afraid and form part of the JCT process. You may find that if you do not sign up to these that the contract may be let to a third party.The key thing is to read them carefully and ensure that you have the relevant cover in place for claims that could be made in the years to come.
  2. Firstly are they involved in any forms of design for the contracts they are undertaking if yes then CW’s are a norm these days with most builders and clients.My advice is to ensure they get copies of the CW document completed in their company names and details not just a blank version then run it by their own insurers to make sure that the insurance cover request in the CW fall within their own coverage and that their insurer is aware of the contract and duration.In most cases it’s the value of insurance that needs to be clarified only before they can sign, also most builders will accept you amending the insurance value to your limitations.
  3. It seems more and more common.I think you will have to sign up to it. You will need professional indemnity if you don’t all ready have it and it is quite costly. It will need to be in place for the term of the warranty often 12 years.For professional indemnity we use Jelf Clarke Roxborough. Contact Darren Cronin – Tel: 01527 405433, Mobile: 07971 065317
  4. These are very complicated. I suspect they are there to protect the client from future defects. Your enquirer doesn’t state what the projects are, have they carried out any structural alterations etc. I would suspect there are some very dangerous pitfalls and would get advice from a lawyer who specialises in contractual law.
  5. We are regularly asked to complete these where there is a 3rd party involved in the transaction. Mainly main contractor driven and of a fairly standard format.They exist to ensure that the responsibilities and warranties within the project can be legally passed on to the end client.The responsibilities should be no more than what is in place with the client.One thing which I always check and often need to challenge is the professional indemnity level. Often the level in the collateral warranty be higher than the level in the initial contract, just because the parties haven’t “joined up” this bit. It’s important that this is checked as it can have a big implication, not least in cost.
  6. If you call Build UK and say that you are a ceda member you can ask for their advice with regards to your enquiry: Tel: 0844 249 5351

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Aqua Cure Renew ceda Membership for 2018

Aqua Cure are delighted to have renewed their membership of ceda as a Silver Partner and are looking forward to contributing to the membership's combined industry expertise.

As dedicated water purity experts Aqua Cure have over 25 years’ experience in water treatment and can help prevent scale related inefficiency and maintenance issues in coffee machines, ice machines, convection/combi ovens, warewashers and water boilers.

Whatever the nature of your business, whether food, hot/cold drinks etc, the quality of the water going into your equipment has a huge effect on the quality of your end product and your running costs. Deposits of hard minerals such as calcium can build up inside your equipment in the form of limescale and this can block internal waterways and affect the efficiency of heating elements and evaporator plates. In fact, British Water estimate that just 1.6mm of scale can cause a 12% loss in heat transfer.

Limescale is very difficult to remove once it has formed and preventing scale by treating your feed water is often a lot easier and more cost effective than using corrosive liquid descalers.

With a wide range of ‘whole kitchen’ treatment solutions from Pentair Everpure and BanHard, Aqua Cure have solutions to suit all budgets, flow rates and water types.

For further information and to see what Aqua Cure can do for you in terms of saving you money and preventing equipment down-time in your commercial kitchen call 01704 516916 or visit



DIGITAL DISPLAYS: Do you know anyone that has a system for the TV’s in our restaurant. We need a system, so we can put our menus/marketing on the screen.


  1. There is a company that brewery Wadworth & Co Ltd use in any of their sports pub fit-outs – Chantry Digital Ltd in Westbury, Wiltshire – 0800 373246.
    They deal with digital signage as well as TV’s and I’ve met Neil Hawker at a few site meetings – seems to know his stuff when it comes to AV.
    I’ve just called them and they would be able to create digital menu displays.

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The Helpdesk, your new ceda Member Q&A service

As part of our re-branding and new website design, we have renamed ‘ceda Members – Your Help Required’ to ‘The Helpdesk’.

How it works

A Member can send their enquiries to ceda Office Manager, Fiona Mason so that she can then liaise with the wider ceda Membership and ask for their advice and recommendations on your behalf. Upon receiving Member replies, Fiona forwards them on to the Member who made the enquiry, and also updates ‘The Helpdesk’ section of the Members Area of the ceda website. All questions and answers are displayed anonymously so as to respect the privacy of Members and their customers. The answer often helps subsequent Members facing similar queries or experiences and acts as a valuable resource to the entire ceda Membership.

If you have a question for, or need advice from, your fellow ceda Members, please email your query to


Commercial Kitchen 2018 VIP invitation for ceda Members

Commercial Kitchen - the Kitchen Equipment, Services & Design Show - is back for 2018!

The event takes place at the NEC, Birmingham on 5th & 6th June 2018.

As Lead Partners of the show, we have arranged a VIP ticket for ceda Members to enjoy.

Below is the link and exclusive code for ceda members:


Code: CKVP2

ceda Silver Partner LF Spare Parts Ltd achieve safety and environment certifications

ceda are pleased to share the news that Silver Partner LF Spare Parts Ltd have received two TÜV certificates.

The attention to quality at every level of its organization has led LF to achieve two important new certifications.

In addition to the reconfirming the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System Certification and the EAC - Eurasian Conformity Certification, which allows LF to sell in EAC member countries (Russian Federation included), LF has recently achieved:

The BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for the Management of workers' health and safety. This was awarded thanks to responsible risk control and to LF's commitment to constantly increase health and safety in the workplace, in order to protect staff from possible dangers.

The UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification, which attests the company's commitment to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, reducing the waste quantity and the consumption of energy and materials.

The achievement of the new certifications represents a further step in the process of creating quality, monitoring and improvements at LF, for the benefit of employees and the service offered to all customers.

For further information email or visit

Your exclusive invite to the Hotelympia Premier Club

We have agreed with the organisers of Hotelympia that all ceda Members registering to attend can have VIP access to The Premier Club.

To register for The Premier Club, follow the link: and input the code: CEDAVIP.

Hotelympia is the UK's market leading hospitality and foodservice event and takes place this year, from 5th to 8th March 2018 at ExCeL London.


Industry Health & Well-being Walk

ceda Silver Partners, James Connolly of Celltherm Coldrooms Ltd and Steve Holland of Foster Refrigerator, along with ceda Member, Nick Archer of Archer Catering Systems Ltd, have organised an industry Health & Well-being Walk.

On the back of the premise that they “spend far too much time in the bar”, Connolly and Holland have come up with the walk initiative as a healthier way for the industry to meet and network. They invite ceda Members to join them on the walk on Saturday 10th February from Mam Tor near Castleton in the Peak District.

Details of the walk:

Date: Saturday 10th February 2018. Meet at 9:30am for a 10am set-off.

Location: Mam Tor, Castleton, Hope Valley. 8.5 miles (1696 feet high at the summit) and graded as moderate.

It should be within the realms of the majority of people given the defined route and a proper walking track, but we will wait for everyone and break into groups according to the pace that is set on the day.

Light refreshments and food, before the off and arrival back at Castleton, will be served.

There is a limit of around 50 people for the walk. Anybody wishing to take part can get the full itinerary and sign up by emailing

We hope ceda Members will be able to attend and take the opportunity to do some networking whilst getting some exercise!