Can any ceda Member recommend an Asbestos Awareness Training course. Preferably in an on-line or downloadable format. Thank you


  2. We use on-line Santia Asbestos Management Ltd Works well for us.
  3. They could try the following: I am advised you purchase the course for £22.50 and then complete it online.
  4. We recommend Santia.
  5. We use the following site for our Asbestos awareness training: It’s worth paying a little extra to get the certificate at the end of the course.
  6. We used ‘cloudtrainer’ however this was linked via M&S for retail projects. There are other UKATA Asbestos Awareness Training courses on line otherwise.
  7. All our staff did the online Commodious courses they are recognised by all companies for H&S purposes. £10 each but do great bundle deals for £25 – £35 of 12 different certificates. They were acceptable for us registering with SSIPs.
  8. We use High Speed Training for the on-line Asbestos Awareness Category A training. – it’s on-line.
  9. We use our H & S consultancy company Worksafe Consultancy Services Ltd. It’s an online course: They have the link to training on their website.
  10. High speed training do our on line courses. It’s about 25,.00 per individual, but you can bulk buy. They are accepted for all the sites we work on and you get a certificate too.
  11. HSS training  do their own and the UKATA course for this and it is an E Learning program that takes around 1 hour to complete.
  12. Hi-Speed training on line.
  13. I use UKATA.ORG.UK online courses.
  14. I believe a company called RESET Certification do an online course.
  16. Our engineers have certificates from UKATA.
  17. Our company utilises an online refresher training course that all engineering personnel have to undertake annually. The Provider we utilise for this is : Lucion Consulting ( Innov8 Risk Consultants) :Tel 0345 504 0303 if you negotiate , dependant on numbers then you can achieve a good rebate on pricing.
    Eurosafe UK offer a similiar service. Telephone no: is 01904 691 515

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Synergy Grill announce win, ‘FSAA INNOVATION PRODUCT OF THE YEAR’ 2018

Synergy Grill announce win, ‘FSAA INNOVATION PRODUCT OF THE YEAR’ 2018

ceda Silver Partner Synergy Grill have won an international award!

Chairman and Innovator Justin Cadbury and his British company, Synergy Grill, has again proved export clout by winning an award at Australia’s biggest tradeshow.

Synergy Grill attended the renowned Australian industry event ‘Fine Food Australia 2018’ and took home the top prize of ‘FSAA Innovation Product of the Year’.

The win in Australia comes at a relevant time, as Synergy Grill announced today (13th September 2018), their new strategic plan to export their products to more countries across the globe. This will be supported by global brand activity including the search for more global representatives. Leading Australian distributor, FSM Food Service PTY LTD represents Synergy Grill in Australia and is equally delighted with the prestigious award win.

Synergy Grill’s export strategy will also be bolstered by the product’s unique credentials: all Synergy Grill products are designed, sourced and invented in the UK, they use no fat tray and reduce ventilation strain whilst keeping them cleaner. Developed to create better tasting, healthier foods with low energy usage, Synergy Grill helps save money and the planet. With money saved on energy, Synergy Grill products often pay for themselves within a year allowing restaurants to deliver a better food product at a lower cost base…

Fine Food Australia welcomes over 1,000 exhibiting brands showcasing: general & speciality food, catering equipment, hospitality equipment, bakery, drinks, coffee, tea, dairy, meat & seafood, retail & technology, fit-out & design, packaging, natural, organic & free-from and more!

Congratulations are in order!

Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill, said: “I feel very proud. SYNERGY has received many awards around the globe over the last few years and this is further evidence that this product truly is innovative and fits the global market perfectly. Our sales of these units are gaining momentum as the word spreads.”

Despite personal opinion on Brexit, it is looming – and our industry needs to take advantage of what opportunities lay overseas and within exporting, and there are plenty! I look forward to challenging mainstream attitudes to wasteful energy usage within the food across the globe as well as promoting British technology”.

Don't Forget to Register for the Technical Conference

A Spectrum of Opportunities

This years technical conference includes sessions on:

  • TR19 – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems – BESA Review and update
  • Fire Suppression systems – In view of the Grenfell disaster, even greater emphasis is now being put on fire prevention in commercial kitchens. This session will update delegates on the types and uses of fire suppression systems and new developments.
  • Waste Regulations and other updates on relevant regulations and standards
  • UKLPG COP24 Part 3 – Use of LP gas for commercial catering events, street food and mobile catering. UKLPG have recently produced this document and will outline the changes that have been made.
  • Ventilation – a seminar to discuss DW172 12 months on and how it compares to the new EU standard EN16282 and also latest guidance on control of odour and noise.
    In addition to speakers on a relevant range of topics, there will also be one on one surgeries on Gas Regulations, Refrigeration and SSIP as well as a round table discussion session to identify current issues that members face plus updates on Engineer Training, Recruitment of service engineers from the Armed Forces and Warranty issues.


There will be ample networking opportunities and an exhibition. The full business day programme is shown below. Please note this may be subject to change as details are finalised.


Business Day Programme

10.00 – Welcome

10.05 – Updates on initiatives from previous technical conferences – Adam Mason

10.35 – Review of TR19 (Cleanliness of internal ductwork) and Ventilation Hygiene Elite Wayne Terry – BESA

11.05 – Regulation and Policy – What’s live and kicking! – Keith Warren

11.35 – Networking break

12.00 – Current Kitchen Fire Suppression and future direction for protection. – Ian Bartle of Nobel Fire Systems

12.35 – Seminar 1

13.15 – Lunch

14.15 – Seminar2

14.55 – ceda/CESA Technical Training update – Martin Dagnall – Combico

15.05 – Round table discussions

15.35 – Networking

16.00 – Answers to Round Table discussion points

16.30 – Richard West – Grasping Opportunities.

17.00 – Close


UKLPG COP24 Part 3 – Richard Hakeem of UKLPG

Kitchen Ventilation – Peter Rogers and Chris Jarman-Brown


SSIP – Derek Maher

Gas Safe Register – Robert Briscall

Refrigeration – Steve James

Water Regulations – WRAS – Paul Millard


To register – click here

For full details visit the Technical Conference website

ceda Sponsor ACE Ready Steady Cook 2018

ceda Sponsor ACE Ready Steady Cook 2018

ceda are delighted to be sponsoring the chef jackets for the Association of Catering Excellence (ACE) Ready Steady Cook competition on 20th September.

Different in nature to other chef competitions, ACE Ready Steady Cook is a competitive and fun event where the audience can network and be a part of the evening.

With ACE’s focus firmly on encouraging and recognising young talent, each team of two chefs will include one under 25 years old. With a huge LED screen above the competitors cooking area, the teams can be closely followed through the two heats and supporters can get close to the action! It all takes place in an impressive open-plan venue, The East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf which is easy to get to by tube or car, with parking close by. There will be a ‘Street Food’ area, together with sponsor and supplier stands, providing opportunities to mingle, chat and try samples.

It’s great fun, attended by over 200 food service guests and 14 competing teams. A video of last year’s competition can be viewed here:

Below is a brief timetable for the evening:

Introduction & Welcome                               5.30pm

First cook-off                                                  6.00 – 6.30pm

Interval & food stations open                      6.30pm

Second cook-off                                             7.30pm – 8.00pm

Presentations                                                  9.00pm – 9.30pm

Evening finishes by approx.                          10.00pm

Anyone wishing to attend Ready Steady Cook 2018 can book tickets here:

Gamble Foodservice Solutions introduce the Ultimate Hot Holding Range

Gamble Foodservice Solutions introduce the Ultimate Hot Holding Range

ceda Silver Partner, Gamble Foodservice Solutions have a range of units for all your hot holding requirements such as:

• Heated Holding

• Humidified Holding

• Banquets Cabinets

• Low Temp Cook & Hold Ovens

• Smoker Ovens

Whether it be for banquets, hospitality, catering, health care, restaurants, schools or even stadiums, Gamble Foodservice Solutions have the perfect solution!

Why not meat, eat and learn all about the range?

Sound like something you fancy? Then get in contact on 01509 260150 or drop an email to



Has any projects-based member managed to successfully argue their case with HMRC (or a Main Contractor on a project specific basis) about remaining OUTSIDE the CIS scheme and avoid deductions?

If not, of those members who have been pulled into the scheme (and who use sub-contract engineers for installations), has anyone managed to do so purely as a ‘Sub-Contractor’?

 All replies will of course be treated with the strictest confidence.


  1. We’ve had to sign-up but if anyone has argued successfully I don’t see why we can’t try to extricate ourselves from the unnecessary admin-burden. 
  2. I had to write a headed letter saying were exempt as we were not conducting any structural improvements, basically we are only installing equipment to supplied service so that covered it, but going forward it would be good to know. 
  3. We do work as a subcontractor on CDM sites outside of the CIS system. It was actually the HMRC who would not give us CIS classification. 
  4. We haven’t managed to avoid CIS, as for the second question I’m not totally sure what’s being asked, BUT we do have experience of main contractors who fail to read the labour element of applications, against which they should levy the CIS, then they have made the deduction on the entire value. We then have to spend time explaining the error of their ways. Hope this helps.

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Can anyone recommend a freelance designer/ provider of BIM LEVEL 2 drawings (in Revit) please working within the foodservice industry please?


  1. Bekithemba Moyo – Revit Technician at KCCJ Ltd. Email:
  2. Sam Grayson. Tel: 07545 927952
  3. Mark Shentall. Email:
  4. Dave York

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Do we have any members who do electrical installation first and second fix? Ideally nationwide coverage.


  1. Kaitakare Ltd: We do install extraction Canopies and obviously make-up air into kitchens and wire them up also install gas interlock systems. Tel: 01785 716532 
  2. Airedale Group: Yes, we have our own team of service and install’ engineers nationwide.  Tel: 01274 626666
  3.  Dawson Design Projects Ltd: Yes, we do and can help. Tel: 01376 328888
  4. I would suggest Gratte Brothers. Tel: 020 7837 6433

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ceda members developing an apprenticeship for catering equipment service engineers

ceda members take the first step to developing an apprenticeship for catering equipment service engineers

The commercial catering market has increased steadily over recent years with Out Of Home eating increasing dramatically over the last 30 years. In 1989 only 10% of consumers dined out at least once a month whereas in 2015 this had risen to 67% (Source – Mintel PWC consumer survey). In this time catering equipment has become more sophisticated and menu specific and therefore it requires more complex maintenance and breakdowns are much more disruptive to a business so response times have had to improve dramatically from 2 or 3 days during week days to same day or within 24 hours – 7 days a week. Catering operators, who historically only saw an engineer if a piece of equipment occasionally broke down, now recognise the need for regular preventive maintenance. Alongside this, many regulations have become much tighter (Gas Regulations, Health and Safety Regulations etc.)

Thirty years ago a catering equipment maintenance technician required very few skills or accreditations. A basic knowledge of gas, electricity and plumbing were adequate to cope with relatively simple technology.

A combination of all these factors has led to a demand for more technicians with greater knowledge and skill sets than in the past and a survey carried out by ceda amongst its members in 2016 showed that over 75% were currently looking to recruit engineers either to replace retiring/leaving personnel or to cope with the increased demand.

ceda recognised the problem several years ago and sought to create an apprenticeship for service engineers. In 2002 one was established at Salisbury College, however, it was short lived due to the regional nature of funding at that time. Since then the basis of apprenticeships has changed from being led by educational/training providers and based on formal qualifications to now being led by employers to ensure that apprentices learn the knowledge and skills to meet their requirements.

ceda has been instrumental in creating a Trailblazer Group of 11 members to develop an apprenticeship standard for a Catering Equipment Technician. The group had its first meeting on the 30th August and with the help of an advisor from the Institute of Apprenticeships produced a draft proposal which is 95% complete and will be completed in time to be submitted by the deadline of 26th September.

If any other ceda members would like to become part of the trailblazer group they should initially contact Peter Kay

When we submit our proposal to develop a standard, we need to upload two advertisements where companies are looking to recruit engineers. Could members also to send Peter Kay copies of any recent adverts that they have placed?

Regale Microwave Ovens launch Microsave® CPS3A Cavity Liner

Regale Microwave Ovens launch Microsave® CPS3A Cavity Liner

ceda Silver Partner, Regale Microwave Ovens have just launched a new product.

The new Microsave® CPS3A Cavity liner for the new innovated 1800watt output microwave oven by Panasonic which has a stainless steel outer door, is ideal for front of house as well as very busy kitchens. Using the brand new to commercial microwave ovens INVERTER technology which not only makes the microwave oven 12 kilos lighter than any other high powered microwave oven but also gives a far smoother cook pattern with no cold spots and gives a saving of 6% less on energy costs!

The inner door is made of steel, with no seals or ridges, making it easy to clean and helps to avoid most unnecessary door repairs. The new Microsave® Cavity Liner makes it the ‘ultimate clean machine’ where all parts not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are protected.

For the launch of the Panasonic NE1878 commercial microwave oven, Regale are giving away the CPS3A Cavity Liner worth £69.00. Regale will unbox the microwave, check it over, place a Microsave® CPS3A inside the cavity with all instructions, correctly re-box the microwave and send out on a free next working day service. This will be a limited offer over the next three months. Attached are the full details.