New CPK is helping to drive kitchen efficiencies at Royal Bournemouth Hospital

New CPK is helping to drive kitchen efficiencies at Royal Bournemouth Hospital

A major new Central Production Kitchen (CPK) using MKN cooking equipment linked to the Sicotronic energy optimisation system has transformed catering operations across University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, which includes the Royal Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Hospitals.

As part of a major reconfiguration programme, the Trust has invested in a new, state-of-the-art CPK at Bournemouth, which is already delivering meals for the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, with Poole and Christchurch set to follow.

The CPK, driven by MYA Consulting and HCE Foodservice Equipment, will enable the Trust to continue to deliver a scalable patient catering model for up to 3,000 patient meals per day as the overall project progresses, across the three sites which span a six-mile radius of the central kitchen. In total, it will be required to produce around 20,000 meals each week for patients and retail services, once it is up to full capacity.

The kitchen team works on a cook/freeze model, with batch cooking at scale which is then portioned, levelled, sealed and frozen. Regen trolleys are then used to regenerate meals and deliver to wards.

MKN’s leading cooking equipment is at the heart of the operation, where chefs have access to two FlexiChef multifunctional cooking appliances, five FlexiCombi combi ovens, two 200 litre multifunctional mixing kettles and two Optima 850 induction hobs.

In addition, MKN’s appliances are connected to the Sicotronic energy optimisation system from kitchen technology specialists Ki-Tech Solutions. This innovative system overcomes the issue of insufficient capacity in the electrical system, which is increasingly faced by commercial kitchens as they transition from fossil fuels to electric power. Instead, it balances the load to meet peak power demand with a lower electrical supply than would be anticipated from the initial project designs, whilst also helping to future-proof the kitchen for any future expansion.

Emma Honnywill, Transformation Operational Manager University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust supporting facilities and catering projects, said:
“The kitchen flow is better and, ultimately, it allows us to deliver a more sustainable, more efficient service than we could previously, and is fully scalable as we continue to reconfigure across the Trust.”

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Hupfer launches Buy Back guarantee to support a greener future

Hupfer launches Buy Back guarantee to support a greener future

Hupfer has launched a Buy Back Guarantee on its stainless steel and aluminium shelving and trolleys, giving UK customers the opportunity to earn rebates, support the circular economy and boost their sustainability performance.

Under the new scheme, the manufacturer will buy back eligible products at the end of their working life to be recycled, and deduct the scrap value of the equipment from its quotation for replacement products.

If the customer does not require a replacement equipment quote, Hupfer will instead assist in finding a local recycling company to ensure recovery.

All Hupfer catering and medical equipment made primarily of stainless steel or aluminium is eligible for buy back.

Marc Sumner, Sales & Marketing Director, Hupfer UK, said: “It’s more important than ever to think about the entire lifecycle of products, which includes disposal, and we’re making it easier for our customers to support a circular economy.

“If a recyclable Hupfer product is no longer useful, either because it has come to the end of its lifecycle or because circumstances have changed, we’ll either deduct the scrap value from a new quote or assist with local recycling.

“Either way, our customer can claim back the scrap metal cost of the Hupfer product, safe in the knowledge that it will be reused or recycled.

“We all need to do what we can to support a greener future. Stainless steel and aluminium are 100% recyclable and retain their natural properties no matter how many times they are recycled. Crucially, recycling these metals reduces the energy-intensive processes involved in primary production. Using aluminium scrap can reduce CO2 emissions by 92% compared to raw aluminium.

“With Hupfer’s Buy Back Guarantee, our customers can support their own closed-loop sustainability strategy, earn rebates based on the scrap metal price and help us to deliver a more sustainable product.”

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Project consolidation, delivery, position & unpack

Project consolidation, delivery, position & unpack

Let us take the headache away from co-ordinating multiple deliveries from different suppliers.

As members of ceda & ENSE, SPL are experts in commercial catering equipment and know the challenges you face.

Our services include:

  • consolidation of all deliveries to our warehouse
  • confirmation of receipt of goods and damage checks
  • co-ordinate delivery to site
  • delivery with position and unpack
  • removal of all packaging and waste material
  • removal of any redundant equipment from site
  • plus anything else you need to complete your project

Get in touch today and see how we can make your life easier!

Phone: 01302 882335



A New Solution To Measure Energy Consumption

A New Solution To Measure Energy Consumption

Commercial kitchen owners can measure their energy consumption more easily and cost-effectively thanks to a unique new equipment rental service launched by Ki-Tech.

Ki-Tech’s metering equipment rental service gives energy managers, catering providers and others with responsibility for kitchen energy management, the tools and insights to optimise their energy use.

Users can simply rent metering equipment for one, two or three months from Ki-Tech, conduct an energy study and capture their gas and electric consumption with confidence. The service also includes installation, decommissioning and a start and finishing analysis report from Ki-Tech experts.

Richard Fordham, director at Ki-Tech, which offers combined solutions for energy monitoring, management, data connectivity services and energy optimisation, said: “With a greater focus on energy costs and continued efforts to improve efficiency, it’s increasingly important for commercial kitchen managers to understand their energy consumption.

“This data gives the insights needed to optimise energy use per appliance, understand where carbon reductions can be made and identify any potential cost savings simply by changing kitchen processes.

“By renting the metering equipment, with the additional support of Ki-Tech experts, our customers can ensure simple and effective results, all for a cost-effective monthly tariff for as long as they need it.”

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Have you tried our heavy-duty models?

Have you tried our heavy-duty models?

Offer valid from May 2024, while stocks last…

Our heavy-duty models are hand-built in Austria using premium components. Everything we make at Liebherr Professional is rigorously tested before it is boxed and shipped to ensure high quality. Supplied with a 2 year parts and labour warranty, and free of charge kerbside delivery.

Top performance for food service professionals

All models feature:
• Climate Class 5
• GN 2/1 compatible shelves
• Natural R 290 refrigerant
• Stainless Steel doors and interior
• Hard wearing enamel coated steel exterior
• Large radius corners for easy cleaning
• Deep drawn shelf runners preventing dirt traps
• External digital temperature display

For more information, please contact:
Will Crighton C.F.S.P.
National Account Manager – Food Service Appliance Division
Tel.: +44 (0) 7720 497 075

Enhanced safety and efficiency with XM hand blenders

Enhanced safety and efficiency with XM hand blenders

At Sammic, we constantly strive to adapt and optimize our products to meet the current demands of the professional kitchen. In this vein, since May 2024, we have implemented significant improvements in our XM commercial hand blender line, focusing on two crucial aspects: efficiency and safety. These improvements include the advanced TiltStop system, the innovative SmoothControl, and our ultra-resistant arms, designed to deliver superior performance and durability in demanding kitchen environments.

TiltStop System: Enhanced safety in the kitchen

Safety is paramount in any professional kitchen. That’s why we have incorporated the TiltStop system into our Series 30, 50, and 70 hand blenders. This innovation stops the blender if it falls or tilts excessively, ensuring safer operation and preventing unwanted splashes. This patented system not only protects the user but also extends the life of the equipment.

SmoothControl: Improved control and efficiency

The new SmoothControl system offers an improvement in the hand blender’s response and maintains a constant speed, providing a superior user experience. With enhanced startup under heavy loads and prevention of over-acceleration in no-load situations, this system reduces noise, increasing comfort in the kitchen. Additionally, it features an overload alarm that indicates excessive strain on the machine and the risk of overheating, allowing the user to have greater control and awareness of the machine’s status, contributing to the improvement of the appliance’s lifespan.

Ultra-resistant arms: Dishwasher safe

The arms of the hand blenders have been designed to withstand high temperatures in operation. Moreover, both the blending arms and the whisks are dishwasher safe, facilitating cleaning and maintenance, saving time and effort in daily use.

More information on the improvements of the XM hand blenders

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our commercial team will be delighted to assist you.

Parts Town UK's new Refrigeration Van Stock Catalogue is available to download now!

Parts Town UK's new Refrigeration Van Stock Catalogue is available to download now!

Featuring hundreds of Refrigeration parts and accessories with part numbers and technical information to identify the correct parts quickly and easily. Parts Town UK’s range of Refrigeration parts increase’s first-time fix rates and maximise your site’s equipment uptime.

Parts Town UK’s new catalogue provides comprehensive parts lists for:

  • Pipe insulation and fittings
  • Sight glasses driers and pressure switches
  • Solenoid and expansion valves
  • Controls and walk-in hardware
  • Electrical, fan motors and blades
  • Pumps and water
  • Compressors
  • Tools and consumables


All Parts Town UK’s top Refrigeration Van Stock Parts can be found online on the Parts Town UK website. Parts are available to order online or through the app, with in-stock orders shipped same day when ordered before 5.30pm on a weekday.

Smart cooking, smart cleaning with the new MKN FlexiChef

Smart cooking, smart cleaning with the new MKN FlexiChef

Introducing the new FlexiChef multi-functional appliance from MKN – redefining versatility, performance and speed in the professional kitchen.

From cooking to frying to deep-frying, FlexiChef makes almost anything possible with enhanced speed and efficiency.

It also includes SpaceClean, the first and only fully automatic cleaning system for professional cooking pans.

Key features in the new MKN FlexiChef:

  • Fully automatic cleaning – pan is cleaned in just two minutes with minimal water consumption and no chemicals
  • Quicker cooking – up to 10% faster than the previous model
  • Easy to use – MagicPilot operating system with Guided Cooking
  • Easier handling – Easy Up & Down lift function
  • Reduced energy – SmartBoiling function can reduce energy consumption by up to 99% compared with conventional water boiling
  • WiFi-enabled – can be linked to the MKN Connected Kitchen system, with interfaces for integration into other kitchen control systems


Want to learn more? Visit or call MKN on 01329 757890.

Faster, more efficient, more digital: The new MKN FlexiCombi

Faster, more efficient, more digital: The new MKN FlexiCombi

MKN is setting new standards in commercial kitchens with the new FlexiCombi combi steamer.

The new FlexiCombi is significantly faster to operate than its predecessor, delivering an updated design and a new innovative lighting concept alongside all the existing features of FlexiCombi.

Discover the benefits:

Key innovations in the new MKN FlexiCombi:

  • Significantly faster operation – thanks to revised operating system for quicker processes
  • Updated design – including hygienic cooking cabinet door
  • Enhanced safety – with new innovative lighting concept
  • Easy to use – MagicPilot operating system with Guided Cooking
  • More capacity – FlexiRack capacity concept offer over 50% more capacity than appliances using conventional GN1/1 racks
  • Easy, safe cleaning – with MKN’s WaveClean automatic cleaning system
  • Optimum results – using DynaSteam, which automatically adjusts the steam volume to optimise cooking results and water efficiency
  • WiFi-enabled – can be linked to the MKN Connected Kitchen system, with interfaces for integration into other kitchen control systems
  • Multicook for organised, mixed loading

Learn more. Visit or call MKN on 01329 757890.

Save your customers time and money with new mixing kettles

Save your customers time and money with new mixing kettles

Introducing MKN’s new range of multifunctional mixing kettles for professional kitchens – saving time and money in busy catering operations.

Overcome your customers’ kitchen challenges with models available from 80 litres up to 475 litres:

  • Suitable for cooking, stirring, mashing and whipping
  • Remove manual processes to free up labour and cooking line capacity
  • Deliver consistent food quality irrespective of skill level
  • Wide range of accessories and a cook/chill option
  • Designed with safety and ergonomics in mind
  • Boost capacity, reduce labour time and minimise the cost per meal

By automating large parts of the mashing and cleaning processes, MKN’s calculations show a 200 litre kettle can save £10 in labour costs for a single batch of 600 mashed potato portions, compared with a 200 litre boiling kettle.

All seven capacity variants include a 10” capacitive touchscreen with simple-to-use but advanced controls, including space for 1,000 pre-set cooking programmes, an AutoCook process, three cleaning programmes and HACCP memory.