The ceda Professionals Register’s mission is to increase recognition of the sector by providing enhanced, individual, professional status and create a strong and collective network of Industry Professionals.

These Professionals will drive content for the delivery of managed and formal learning, education and development pathways, to ensure the best possible professional development for the sector.

Being a Professional is a mindset

It is immersing yourself in the Industry, embracing continued professional development and a habitual commitment to; self, employer and Industry betterment.

As part of the application process individuals will be asked to articulate and provide evidence of achievement at an appropriate level and to demonstrate a suitable period of professional development, practice and where necessary, qualification. The Membership Grades include:


Registered Catering Design Professional


Registered Catering Project Professional


Registered Catering Equipment Professional


Registered Catering Equipment Technician


Registered ceda Fellow

ceda Professionals Register Document Downloads

For further information on the ceda Professionals Register or to make an application, please download the relevant document below:

ceda Professionals Register Overview Document

Professionals Register Overview

ceda Professionals Register Application Form

Professionals Register Application

ceda Professionals Register Code of Conduct

Professionals Register Code of Conduct

ceda Professionals Register Assessment & Appeals Policy

Professionals Register Assessment & Appeals Policy

ceda Professionals Development Record

Professionals Development Record

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