Macknade Fine Food, Ashford

Advantage Catering Equipment Ltd

Our clients vision was to create a new dining space in Ashford providing locally sourced high quality ingredients served in an informal setting with a mixture of individual and communal tables.

Our works included M&E consultancy for the build, and kitchen, bar and counters layout, along with supply an installation of extraction with 50m of fire rated ductwork and the supply of all appliances and smallware’s.

Customer comments

Our Second site in Ashford has been a critical stepping stone in the growth of Macknade.

As a 5,000sqft, new-build site our contractors were always going to be absolutely key in delivering the final space that we wanted, a space that would truly reflect the Macknade ethos and experience.

Fortunately, we have built a relationship with Advantage second to none, their knowledge and skill has been essential to the project and our trust in them to make the right decisions for us, knowing what we were wanting to achieve, brought the whole project together.

Our Customers love what we do and the food and drink we offer, but none of it would be possible without the M&E, and critically the kitchen infra structure, I am very grateful to the Advantage team for helping us deliver what has already become a Favourite Place in Ashford…I look forward to many years of working together!!

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