Williams Refrigeration: WTBC70 Roll In Blast Chiller

Flexibility is key

Complementing the existing Williams Blast Chiller range of products, this new model delivers flexibility through its design by accepting two types of combi oven trolley.

The WTBC70 accepts either Rational 201 or Lainox GN1/1 combi oven trolleys, as used in standard 20 grid models.


Blast chill up to 70kg in a single batch, from +90℃ to +3℃ in just 90 minutes.

The WTBC70’s clever AirSmart airflow system chills from two different directions. Powerful, energy efficient fans help to ensure the air flows evenly and gently over all the products throughout the chamber.

Its Easy Blast control panel is designed to make programming and operation simple and offers a choice of either hard chill for dense foods, or a soft chill for delicate foods.


Built using foodsafe professional stainless steel throughout the WTBC70 can cope with ambients as high as 43℃ ‐ making it ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

Read more about the WTBC70 here.