What makes Ramco different?

Having been at the forefront of the circular economy since 1996, Ramco’s work has helped countless organisations within the foodservice industry, find new homes for good equipment they no longer need.

And as we enter our 27th year of business, we’ve been reflecting on what sets us apart as an asset reuse specialist and credible partner for ceda members when looking for a sustainable disposal solution.

So, why do our clients choose Ramco? Here are three things they tell us they love…

We add value at every opportunity

We’re passionate about extending the lifespan of an item, as well as achieving the best resale price for it. And when our team of experts spot an opportunity to add value to something we think will help it last longer and sell for a higher price, we do it at our own cost; our experience tells us it’s worth it.

Our leading online auction site ensures we reach a huge international audience of interested buyers, which helps us achieve the best sale price for our clients’ goods. And, if items don’t sell in the initial auction, we’ll include them again in future ones until they do.

This also applies to equipment sold directly from our clients’ site, meaning we never leave our clients with leftover equipment – we’ll clear everything away, creating space and removing the headache. And we’re constantly reviewing the best way to sell assets too, which isn’t always via auction by the way. We take the time to carry out extensive research, to make sure specialist equipment finds the right home through direct sale.

We provide peace of mind

With so many items being collected, refurbished, and sold each week, we pride ourselves on giving peace of mind to all our clients. Based in Skegness in Lincolnshire, our specialist warehouse and logistics centre is the heart of our operation and has a large and secure storage facility where all goods are processed and prepared for their new lease of life.

Every item is barcoded on arrival and tracked up to the point of sale – whether that’s a teaspoon or a trailer. So, assets in our care are always safe, sound and accounted for, providing a full audit trail.

We build lasting relationships

At Ramco relationships really matter to us, and we’re always striving to do more to support our clients.

Working alongside means our team of experts are on hand to guide and support at every step. We make the whole journey simple and transparent, and through our years of experience, we help our clients see the difference between assets that hold value and those that don’t – often preventing good equipment from being treated as waste. A win for the planet and their pocket!

If you’d like to read more about what our clients say it’s like working with Ramco, take a look here. Or get in touch to start the conversation, we’d love to help. 

Email: teddytownsend@ramco.co.uk or call: 07483 016871