Water Hardness Causing Issues for your Foodservice or Hospitality Business?

New Online Water Hardness Checker Can Help

As many businesses operating in the foodservice, catering and hospitality industries will know, water hardness can be a factor in the performance of water-fed equipment. ‘Hard’ water can negatively affect coffee machines, dish washers and washing machines amongst other appliances by causing limescale which reduces efficiency and can shorten the life of the machine.

ceda Silver Partners Aqua Cure are happy to announce the launch of a new tool that allows people to check the water hardness of their mains’ supply according to their postcode. The UK Postcode Hard Water Checker  uses nationwide data on water hardness to provide detail on the level of water hardness in that area, identify potential issues caused by the water and suggest some potential solutions to the problem.

The Managing Director of Aqua Cure David Parkes commented on the newly launched postcode checker:

We wanted to create something useful for people to gain relevant information about their home. We have vast knowledge of the water industry and we wanted to pass on our experience in an easy to use, simple way”.