Unlocking the value in your unwanted equipment

As an industry, the foodservice sector is currently facing many pressures, from supply chain issues and labour shortages, to rising operational costs. So now’s a great time for ceda members to unlock value in assets sitting idle and generate a financial return. This will also bring savings on storage costs and extend the life cycle of your unwanted items, helping to protect the environment.

Ramco offers a complete reuse solution, handling everything from decommissioning, collection, and refurbishment, right through to storage marketing and sales.

Here’s how our simple service works:

  1. Assessment

Get in touch and let us know what equipment you’re looking to find new homes for. Send us a description of the assets along with any photos or videos. If you’d prefer, we can arrange a site visit to assess your items.

  1. Collection

We have a range of options depending on your preference. We can either collect the items from you, run an on-site auction or direct sale.

  1. Process

Next, we catalogue your items by lot number and if we’re taking these off-site, we’ll store in our warehouse ready for sale. We sometimes carry out refurbishment works to ensure the best sale price for your items. We use a range of marketing channels to generate interest across our huge database of buyers. Once sold, you receive your share of the revenue.

Get in touch if you have any unwanted equipment in mind and we’ll be happy to help you with the next steps.