ULEZ is coming...

“You lez”. That’s how you say it. But what on earth are we talking about?

If you’ve got vehicles going in and out of London regularly, then you hopefully already know.

Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is Transport For London’s latest bid to tackle air pollution, and it’s being introduced next month, on 8th April to be precise.

TFL are introducing a new charge in the Capital, and there’s a chance it could be rolled out to other UK cities in the future.

It’ll work like the current congestion charge, with the same geography to start with, charging certain vehicles who drive inside it.

The charge? £12.50 for cars, £100 for lorries per day. And it will operate 24/7!

The good news is that most petrol vehicles manufactured after 2006 will be exempt from charges. The bad? Nearly all diesel ones won’t be.

If you didn’t already know about ULEZ and you’re now getting a little hot under the collar, quickly check if your vehicle is exempt on the TFL website now.

Taking public transport, upgrading to a newer vehicle and going electric seem to be the most commonly suggested solutions to dealing with ULEZ. None of which seem to be that convenient to drivers or fleet managers.

Did you know about it? What are you going to do to combat the extra costs?