the PURE – Non Contact Water Tap that reduces water consumption by 70%

ceda Silver Partner, CDR Technical Services Limited, is the official distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland for leading German manufacturer, Ecthermann GmbH & Co.KG. our company has for 16 years provided high quality Electric, Gas and water controls to the commercial catering industry.

Echtermann GmbH has developed a reputation for the manufacture of high quality water taps and faucets. Over the last 2 years the Echtermann GmbH has gone through an extensive redevelopment program which has seen impressive changes to manufacturing
processes, and today with technical and logistical support from CDR, our companies now offer an extensive new range of high grade stainless steel taps and faucets. The changes in production processes has allowed this leading tap and faucet manufacturer to move away from the conventional chrome plating production process, which are not considered environmentally friendly.

The new range of stainless steel (316L) water taps and faucets are designed to provide the highest hygiene standards, whilst continuing to deliver high performance that is expected from a world leading manufacturer.

In partnership with Echtermann GmbH, our company is launching a marketing campaign on one particular product…..the PURE

The PURE, is an innovatively design electronic water tap, with soap and disinfectant dosing functions with NO personal contact with surfaces. This revolutionary product on was originally designed for the medical industry for public and sensitive areas such as Hospital
theatres and infectious isolation wards. the PURE is now available to all businesses and is the perfect solution for effective hand sanitisation.

CDR Technical Services Ltd can offer the PURE as a replacement system for conventional lever taps or it can be supplied as a complete hand wash station cabinet.

Product Data

Product  PURE Hand Sanitiser Electronic System
Description Electronic Hand Sanitiser System, with wash, soap and disinfectant. Supplied with either Deck or Wall Mounted Spout.
Product Number  EC-211-101/150-170/01 (Deck Mounted Faucet).

EC-211-101/230-000/01 (Wall Mounted Faucet).

Ongoing Costs:
Soap and Disinfectant Cleanser: Unlike other providers of Sanitisation equipment who provide soap consumables under contract or license, the PURE Hand Sanitiser system is supplied with re-fillable soap and disinfectant containers. This allows the customer complete flexibility/control of site usage/requirements. The PURE also gives the customer control over were they prefer to source such commodities as soap and disinfectants.

Calculated Dosage:     Soap per usage about 1,5ml
Calculated Dosage:     Disinfectant per usage about 1 ml

Supporting Benefits of PURE:


1. Waterflow only starts when your hand is below the sensor. This reduces excess water waste during operation.
2. When you move your hand away the waterflow stops immediately (Note: cheaper sensor taps continue flowing).
3. When you use soap to wash your hands the water is not running (usually a general advantage of sensor taps for saving water).


The sensor works very well – when the hand is below the outlet it starts and when you move your hand away it stops. Conventional sensor taps commonly seen at airports, hotels and  exhibition halls etc, offer a disadvantage due to the amount of waste water. The PURE Hand Sanitiser is designed to minimise water usage.


The PURE Hand Sanitiser was originally developed for hospitals, it fulfils all requirements of hygienic in general and extreme hygiene sensitive areas. Most important advantage is that you do not touch anything during the hand wash process (e.g. a handle/lever to turn on/off the water flow, soap/disinfectant dispenser also do not have to be touched). Additional advantages are the user is guided through proper hand washing and sanitising procedures.


The PURE Hand Sanitiser system can replace most conventional single spout mixer taps.

Installation is very simple – just plug-in the cables and install the faucet on the sink and its ready. The 1litre containers are standard containers that can be refilled or just replaced by the containers of the local chemical supplier.

Different to other systems providers is there is no contract to purchase soap/disinfectant from a certain manufacturer/brand. This is open to use with any liquid soap and disinfectant.

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