The New MyChef Quick Speed Oven

Promotional Offer 57% Discount until 31st December 2023

Download the MyChef Quick & Easy Recipe Book or the CCP MyQuick Speacial Offer Leaflet here.

A revolutionary design. The most prize-winning high-speed oven.  Reddot Winner 2022 IF Design Award 2022 In addition to being highly efficient and very profitable for your customers business, the design of Mychef QUICK is revolutionary, daring; perfect to be placed in a visible location within your customers premises. It will be the first oven that draws the end user’s customer eyes. Put it on show fearlessly and enjoy its speed!

The high-speed technology that enables food to be cooked and ready for service in seconds.  Combining two chamber heating technologies.

3D Impingement Air Distribution System, creating hot air outlets from the top and sides of the oven chamber enveloping the food and raising temperature ultrafast generating cooking in record time.

The Convection source allows up to six temperature settings from 100°c to 275°c. 

Models Available: 


• 6.8-inch touchscreen with customisable menu 

• Quick access to 32 recipes 

• Able to store up to 1,024 recipes.

• Available in three colours Black, Red & Beige



• Electronic Control Panel

• Quick access to 8 recipes

• Able to store up to 100 recipes.

• Available in three colours Black, Red & Beige


Say Hello to a World of Benefits:

• 13amp supply

• No installation required.

• Smoke & Odour free space thanks to the catalytic filter

• No external extraction required.

• Simultaneous cooking

If you would like to attend one of our cook live events, we have the following demo dates booked at Partstown UK Cannock.  Tuesday 3rd October, Thursday 9th & Wednesday 29th November