Taking cyber security to the next level: RATIONAL cooking systems are PSTI compliant.

RATIONAL takes cyber security to a new level with its iCombi Pro, iCombi Classic, iHexagon and iVario Pro cooking systems. This means that the world leader in hot food preparation meets the requirements of the Product Safety and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act (PSTI), which comes into force on 29 April 2024. One of the new features: Technicians can now access the service level using dynamic PIN codes.

“The new procedure is simple for the technician, but effective,” explains Trevor Lath, National Service Director at RATIONAL UK. “When logging in, a QR code appears on the unit display, which is scanned with the RATIONAL PIN Creator app. An eight-digit code is then displayed on the smartphone or tablet to guide the technician to the service level. The code is valid for one day at a time and can also be generated offline. “Nothing will change for the customers,” adds Mr Lath. “They can always rely on their cooking system to provide the highest level of security.”

The change is in line with the Product Safety and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act, which requires, among other things, that network-enabled devices be protected by unique passwords. For more information, go to rational-online.com.