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ceda Platinum Partner Rational launches intelligent leasing scheme for foodservice operators

ceda Platinum Partner Rational launches intelligent leasing scheme for foodservice operators

Rational offers foodservice operators an iCombi Pro from just £5 a day – and an iVario from £8 per day

Rational has launched a leasing scheme making it easier than ever for operators to get an iCombi Pro or an iVario, with costs from as little as £5 per day.  The scheme is designed to be as flexible as possible, to allow for different budgets, cash flows and aspirations.

The Rational Leasing Scheme is operated in partnership with the CF Capital PLC (CF), one of the UK’s largest sales aid leasing and financial services organisations. CF has excellent customer service, offering high acceptance levels and competitive rates.   

Customers who are interested in finding out about leasing a Rational cooking system can do so via the Rational nationwide dealer network.  Rational and CF have created an online portal where dealers can create bespoke customer leasing packages, including a quotation calculator, instantly.

Simon Lohse, managing director of Rational UK says:

“The Covid-19 crisis has led many foodservice businesses to look hard at their budgeting, “We felt a dedicated leasing scheme would be one way to support them in their growth.  We wanted to work with a leasing company that was not only accommodating of our customers’ circumstances, but that could also adapt schemes to suit specific purposes.  We didn’t just want an off-the-shelf package, we wanted a leasing scheme that is intelligently constructed to offer maximum flexibility and maximum benefits.  We believe the scheme CF Capital has created with us fits the bill perfectly.”

Rational is known for the quality of its products, and their longevity.

Lohse continues:

“A Rational iCombi or iVario multifunctional cooking system will give years of valuable and loyal service. “The scheme can run up to five years and then there is the option to buy.”

Costs for the iCombi Pro range from £5 per day, for the iCombi Pro XS, to £23 per day for the iCombi Pro 20-1/1, which is suitable for producing up to 500 meals per day.  The smallest iVario cooking system, the 2-XS, is £8 per day.  Meanwhile the iVario Pro XL, suitable for up to 500 meals daily, is £17 per day.

The scheme is also available for the iKitchen package, covering both an iCombi Pro and an iVario.  Examples include £20 per day for the iCombi Pro ten grid (10-1/1) combi steamer with the iVario Pro 2-S, which has two 25 litre pans.

Leah Wright, CF’s head of the commercial catering channel, says,

“We are really excited to be working with Rational.  We know that many foodservice operators aspire to own an iCombi Pro or an iVario.  CF has the range of financial products that will allow the maximum number of businesses to take advantage of the considerable benefits of leasing Rational appliances.”

To find out more about the Rational leasing scheme, email rational@thecfgroup.co.uk or call 01279 759359.   ceda members are advised to contact their own account manager for specific information.

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Rational's latest iVario Cooking System. Featured image for ceda website

ceda Platinum Partner Rational introduces its iVario Pro multifunctional contact cooking system.

ceda Platinum Partner Rational introduces its iVario Pro multifunctional contact cooking system.

iVarioBoost: maximum power and precision cooking with Rational’s new iVario Pro.

Heating system is four times faster than conventional technology.

Rational’s new iVario Pro cooking system sets a new standard in precision temperature control combined with ultra-fast cooking.  The speed and accuracy is down to iVarioBoost, the intelligent energy management system, which is up to four times faster than conventional cooking appliances.

iVario Pro is the latest version of Rational’s multifunctional contact cooking system.  Available in a range of models, with a choice of one or two cooking pans, the iVario Pro can be used to boil, pan fry, deep fry, griddle, pressure cook and confit – in one space-saving unit.

The patented iVarioBoost heating system features ceramic heating elements built into the fast-response, scratch-resistant pan bases, delivering precise and even heat distribution.  With iVarioBoost, the iVario Pro can heat up to 200°C in less than 2.5 minutes and the largest model, the XL, has enough energy to cook 45kg of beef fillet stroganoff in 20 minutes, or 15kg of pasta in 22 minutes.

iVarioBoost is so powerful that when cold liquid is poured into a casserole, for example, there is a minimal drop in temperature with a quick recovery.  Equally, the system’s intelligent and precise temperature control prevents foods such as milk-based puddings and sauces from sticking or boiling over. This intelligence assists chefs to achieve perfect, consistent cooking results every time.

Because iVarioBoost’s intelligent energy management system constantly monitors the cooking process, it uses exactly as much power as is required, minimising energy consumption.  In fact, the iVario Pro is ideal for the modern, sustainable foodservice kitchen, since it uses up to 40% less energy than conventional equipment.  Meanwhile, the opportunity to use the balanced power option on the largest models in the range, iVario Pro L and the Pro XL, offers a lower connected load option.  Managing director of Rational UK Simon Lohse comments:

“The iVarioBoost offers maximum power and precision, delivering high quality and consistent results while at the same time saving on energy.”

There are three models in Rational’s iVario Pro range. The iVario Pro 2-S has two 25 litre pans, the Pro L has a single 100 litre pan and the Pro XL a single 150 litre pan. In addition Rational offers the iVario 2-XS, a smaller unit that has two 17-litre pans.

RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the iCombi Pro and the iVario multifunctional cooking system, the company delivers 95% of all conventional cooking applications. Rational’s ConnectedCooking allows operators to monitor, manage and update their Rational appliances remotely, from a PC, tablet or smartphone. iKitchen is the combination of the iCombi Pro, iVario Pro and ConnectedCooking – iKitchen delivers the best kitchen management and the best cooking solutions.

ceda members are encouraged to contact their dedicated account manager for further information.

Rational's latest iVario Cooking System. Featured image for ceda website

Rational Underlines Commitment to the UK

Rational Underlines Commitment to the UK

In the face of Brexit, ceda Platinum Partner Rational moves to support UK customers.

“Whatever happens, Rational is totally committed to the UK market.” That’s the statement of intent from the UK’s largest combi oven supplier, and one of the world’s top foodservice equipment brands. Rational UK’s managing director, Simon Lohse, says, “The company is very positive about its future in the UK, and is making plans to ensure that any potential disruption does not impact on its customers.”

Rational has already invested heavily in areas such as increased stock in the UK. In addition, while the company normally builds to order, it has recently introduced a new policy tailored to help speed up response times for UK customers, so that it can keep up with demand.

Rational invented the combi steamer back in the 1970s and its SelfCookingCenter is now the UK’s favourite combi oven. In the VarioCookingCenter, Rational has another market-leading appliance. Rational UK was one of the German company’s first overseas divisions. The subsidiary was established in 1991 and has seen continued growth, year on year. In the UK and Ireland, the company has a workforce of 72 and, despite tough economic conditions in 2019, Rational UK sales continue to grow

In addition to increasing stocks in the UK, Rational have a number of contingency plans, so whatever happens in the face of Brexit, Rational will continue to deliver a high level of support to the UK and Irish market.

Rational is working closely with its key UK distributors to ensure that they are aware of the plans and the support the company can offer them.

Key to the continued success of Rational UK has been its relationship with its parent company. Lohse comments, “Our German colleagues have been hugely supportive in the investments we have had to make in the UK to prepare for any Brexit scenarios. We hope our forward planning for future growth, and our continued investment in the UK market, will give our customers and distributors some peace of mind.”

RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the VarioCookingCenter and SelfCookingCenter, the company delivers all a commercial kitchen’s thermal cooking requirements. Together, the two appliances offer the best cooking solutions. For information and brochures, or to come to a free VarioCookingCenter Live or SelfCookingCenter Live demonstration, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit www.rational-online.com

Rational has once again won the "Smart Label" award, which was announced at Host in Milan

Rational has once again won the “Smart Label” award, which was announced at Host in Milan

A great joy for ceda Platinum Partner Rational, the world market and technology leader in the field of hot food preparation, at the international hospitality trade fair Host in Milan: one of the innovations to be exhibited at Host in October this year is the VarioCookingCenter, which has won the “Smart Label” award.

Functionality, technology, environmental sustainability as well as ethical and social implications – these are the features assessed by Fiera Milano and POLI.design in order to give recognition to the most innovative products and companies with the Smart Label award. Both the small combi-steamer, the SelfCookingCenter XS, and the company’s networking solution ConnectedCooking have in the past received the award.

“For us at Rational, innovation means offering the people working in commercial kitchens the best appliance for cooking. In our developments, we always take into account the energy balance of the units – so it is no coincidence that environmental sustainability is the issue we want to focus on at this year’s Host,” says Enrico Ferri, CEO of Rational Italia.

130 million meals are prepared with Rational units every day. The company, which is specialised in large and commercial kitchens, currently holds over 600 patents and a market share of more than 50% for multifunctional appliances. Its customers include restaurants, hotels, canteens, hospitals, schools as well as fast food chains, supermarkets, confectioners and butchers.

“Our extensive cooking research has also produced the VarioCookingCenter, a multifunctional cooking appliance for boiling, frying and deep-frying – all in one unit. This allows you to reduce your space requirement in the kitchen by up to 30%, and also save up to 40% in electricity,” says Ferri, describing the award-winning product. This is made possible by the mesh-like structure of the patented VariBoost heating system, which transfers the heat to the food through the thin pan base quickly and consistenly. On the command of the built-in cooking intelligence, the system immediately withdraws the heat to prevent sticking and overcooking. Even delicate products such as rice pudding, béchamel sauce or risotto succeed every time with the VarioCookingCenter.

“Together, the SelfCookingCenter and the VarioCookingCenter make a well-coordinated team. Because they have the same user interface, users will find it intuitive to operate and the multifunctionality ensures that virtually almost every application in the professional kitchen is covered,” says Ferri.