ceda Platinum Partner Electrolux Professional Launches Thermal Disinfection Warewashing Range

ceda Platinum Partner Electrolux Professional Launches Thermal Disinfection Warewashing Range

Electrolux Professional has launched its hygiene&clean warewashing line, the first foodservice dishwasher to both sanitise and thermally disinfect wares.

The range will be available across all four of Electrolux Professional’s core warewashing models, including the Undercounter, Hood Type, Pot Washer, and Rack Type. The range achieves third-party UL certification for Ao 60 compliance for thermal disinfection of wares, meaning users can be assured of more than mere sanitation, to help minimise the risk of microbial transmission.

Steve Bowler, Regional Category Manager for Warewashing UK & Ireland at Electrolux Professional comments: “One of the key features of the new hygiene&clean line is its ability to take the rinse cycle water temperature to 90°C; a temperature high enough to guarantee thermal disinfection in as short a time as possible. This is in comparison to standard dishwashers, which will raise the internal temperature of the machine, without necessarily ensuring that the wares themselves remain at a sufficiently high temperature to achieve full thermal disinfection.

“On the Hood and Undercounter models this is complemented by an automatic door lock, which prevents the cycle from being interrupted, thereby guaranteeing disinfection. This type of third-party certified hygiene is critical for medical and healthcare environments, but in light of recent events, it also has an important role to play across the foodservice sector.”

Alongside its disinfection-specific functionality, the hygiene&clean range benefits from many of the features of existing Electrolux Professional warewashers. This means that customers can be assured of efficiency and effectiveness, as well as connection to Electrolux Professional’s OnE portal and access to ongoing support through Essentia.

Steve concludes: “Now more than ever, those in the foodservice and hospitality sector need assurance that their equipment will continue to perform as it should do, with dishwashers disinfecting to a sufficiently high standard. The introduction of the hygiene&clean warewashing line helps to provide customers with the confidence that wares are clean, hygienic, and ultimately safe.”

To view Electrolux Professional’s range of commercial dishwashers, please visit: https://www.electroluxprofessional.com/commercial-kitchen-equipment/commercial-dishwasher/