New Social Enterprise “Together We Will” Kicks Off With An Impassioned Webinar by Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

New Social Enterprise “Together We Will” Kicks Off With An Impassioned Webinar by Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

New social enterprise “Together We Will” kicks off with an impassioned webinar with Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

“Together We Will” is a social enterprise that has been set-up by ceda and Cedabond to facilitate a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for the industry, initially focusing on Health and Wellbeing.

“Together We Will” is open to everyone in the industry and will look to engage and impact as widely as possible.

It’s hosting its first webinar on Thursday 24th June, at 11am and we are pleased to announce that we will be joined by Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

Clarke is a former Premier League footballer, television presenter and author.

Carrie is a is a newspaper columnist, author and TV presenter.

Clarke and Carrie will speak candidly about their journey, share their experiences of mental illness and highlight their drive to remove the stigma that surrounds adverse Mental Health issues, especially within the workplace.

The Carlisles have won many accolades for their work, including the MIND Speaking Out Award in 2018, whilst their Mental Health podcast has had over 100 million downloads.

Mark Kendall, Commercial Director for Cedabond says:

“We have to support the industry’s Health & Wellbeing. And we have to start now. We’re really happy to be joined by Carrie and Clarke to help launch this industry initiative.”

ceda and Cedabond become strategic partners to Autoquotes UK

ceda and Cedabond become strategic partners to Autoquotes UK

It has been announced that ceda and Cedabond are entering a formal strategic partnership with AutoQuotes (AQ) UK, following a month’s-long period of discussions and collective collaboration pieces, to further develop the foodservice market.

The new partnership is set to further strengthen the UK position and align with the strategy of AutoQuotes’ US model of working closely with FEDA.

All parties want to utilise this opportunity to further underpin their collective strategy of consolidation and growth as they try to navigate the impacts of Covid and support the sector as it enters 2021 and beyond.

The collaboration will see the new partners work closely to produce research reports and live market information, as well as create and share statistical analysis to help members and partners better understand the market and plan accordingly.  Industry insights will leverage anonymised, aggregated information and will keep with AQ’s dedication to protecting customer data.

Adam Mason, director general of ceda, stated that it was critically important for the association to be a part of the development of existing products and the creation of new software solutions for members, partners and the wider industry.

Both ceda and Cedabond will work closely with AQ to provide feedback on AQ’s product roadmap to continue developing technology to increase efficiency and accelerate sales for the foodservice equipment and services (FES) industry.

Mason said:

“ceda is delighted to enter into this formal, strategic partnership with AQ, as the vast majority of ceda members and partners are using AQ products already, we can therefore help drive greater awareness and knowledge to ensure that they are making the most out of the solutions available.

We very much look forward to this venture with AQ’s UK and US teams, to assist growth and innovation and continue to add value and support to the distribution network in the UK.”

Mark Kendall, commercial director at Cedabond, added:

“After lengthy talks and careful planning we are delighted to be working closely with the AQ UK team.

“Industry-wide AQ offers digital solutions that really bring the industry together and we’re here to support that further with ongoing innovation, strategic direction and support.”

David Demres, AQ VP of marketing and strategic development, commented:

“AQ is focused on fully supporting our customers, especially during this difficult period for the FES industry, and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with new partners who share the same objectives as we do.”

Demres said the partnership will also add further value to manufacturers and dealers looking to join in the New Year.

He added:

“This partnership, along with our recent acquisition of Axonom and our ongoing product roadmap, is strong evidence of incredible things to come in the UK FES market in 2021.

“Together with ceda and Cedabond, we will be able to serve even more of the market and provide comprehensive education on how customers can get the most out of our solutions.

“This is a time to be united for the betterment of the industry, and we are delighted to be doing this with our friends at ceda and Cedabond.”