New Social Enterprise “Together We Will” Kicks Off With An Impassioned Webinar by Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

New social enterprise “Together We Will” kicks off with an impassioned webinar with Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

“Together We Will” is a social enterprise that has been set-up by ceda and Cedabond to facilitate a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for the industry, initially focusing on Health and Wellbeing.

“Together We Will” is open to everyone in the industry and will look to engage and impact as widely as possible.

It’s hosting its first webinar on Thursday 24th June, at 11am and we are pleased to announce that we will be joined by Clarke and Carrie Carlisle.

Clarke is a former Premier League footballer, television presenter and author.

Carrie is a is a newspaper columnist, author and TV presenter.

Clarke and Carrie will speak candidly about their journey, share their experiences of mental illness and highlight their drive to remove the stigma that surrounds adverse Mental Health issues, especially within the workplace.

The Carlisles have won many accolades for their work, including the MIND Speaking Out Award in 2018, whilst their Mental Health podcast has had over 100 million downloads.

Mark Kendall, Commercial Director for Cedabond says:

“We have to support the industry’s Health & Wellbeing. And we have to start now. We’re really happy to be joined by Carrie and Clarke to help launch this industry initiative.”