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Latest news from ceda Silver Partner Brita Water Filter Systems.

Latest news from ceda Silver Partner Brita Water Filter Systems

ceda members are encouraged to book their place on a virtual Water Training session, run by our Silver Partners BRITA.

Limescale build up leads to equipment breakdown, higher energy costs and also impacts the taste and aroma of food and hot beverages.

Professional kitchens are under more pressure than ever to work efficiently and BRITA’s recent research showed a third of kitchen staff and baristas are being more cautious with equipment to avoid costly breakdowns.

As experts in the field of water filtration and with over 50 years’ experience, BRITA will be offering their guidance and advice in a virtual Water Training session on 10th February 2021 at 10am when you can learn how to effectively protect your equipment while protecting your profitability too.

The virtual Water Training session on 10th February will last approximately one hour and will be hosted by BRITA’s Business Account Executive (Catering) Chris Fay CFSP, who has recently been appointed as a PFS mentor for the FEA. To book your space email

Commercial kitchen image showing chefs at work

World Quality Day graphic from First Choice Group

ceda Partners First Choice, Hobart and BRITA Endorse World Quality Day

ceda Partners First Choice, Hobart and BRITA Endorse World Quality Day

Thursday 12th November is the fifth annual World Quality Day and this year, the theme focuses on creating customer value. This is a timely reminder of the importance of truly understanding customers’ needs. At First Choice – working in partnership with BRITA Professional and Hobart Service – we’re committed to working together to meet those needs, not least when it comes to providing good value in the upkeep and maintenance of catering equipment.

Inevitably, 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought increased stress and challenges to our industry with many more worried than ever about the implications of equipment failure. A recent survey by BRITA Professional of professional kitchen workers found 81% have altered their equipment cleaning and inspection regime post-lockdown. One third are also more cautious about costs due to the pandemic and are looking to maintain and mend equipment where possible,

On World Quality Day, we believe prevention of breakdown has never been more important. This approach will save our customers time, money and ensure operational efficiency as well as having an impact on equipment sustainability.

To celebrate World Quality Day, here are our top three tips on how to maintain the quality of your catering equipment.

1) Always use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts

Catering equipment is the lifeblood of any commercial food service operation, so maximising its uptime is crucial to running a profitable business. As such, it’s essential to look beyond price when caring for your equipment and ensure you put quality first by using genuine parts.  The result will be equipment that continues to operate optimally, safeguarding your investment and the people who operate it.
OEM parts also mean you can guarantee high-quality materials and functionality. Such parts keep equipment running exactly as the manufacturer intended, reducing the chances of a failure right in the middle of a busy food service.

2)  Preventative Maintenance is Crucial

It’s essential to carry out preventative maintenance such as descaling, deep cleaning and changing water filters on time as this will undoubtedly help improve the performance and lifespan of equipment. The good news is that recent research has found 20% of professional kitchen outlets have recently introduced preventative maintenance, such as a water filter, to prevent limescale build up and damage. It’s essential though that more of us adopt this approach as without it, catering equipment can operate at an ever-decreasing rate of efficiency.

Even with the highest quality equipment it is completely normal for certain parts to degrade with use. Leaving them unchecked could lead to reduced efficiency, higher running costs and, in the worst case, large and costly, avoidable repairs.

As Steve Buckmaster, BRITA Professional Sales Director explains:

“By implementing measures such as preventative maintenance, financial pressures could be eased. For example, on equipment that uses water, one of the most effective ways to prevent premature breakdowns is by using the correct water filter and exchanging it on time. This can help eliminate damage and inefficiency over time caused by the build-up of limescale.”

3) Protect your Warranty

When you buy quality equipment it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that will help to safeguard you against breakdown but you need to do your part too. First up, ensure that you only use OEM parts as non-OEM parts may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty meaning the appliance may no longer be covered for future claims. It also means you may not be able to claim back the cost of the part under the warranty as non-OEM parts aren’t covered by the manufacturer.

Preventative maintenance and servicing is also an important piece of the puzzle to ensure you are protecting your warranty and keeping your equipment in the optimum condition possible.

Ultimately Using First Choice Group for your parts and accessories is an extension of the manufacturer’s service and you have access to quality parts from the likes of Hobart and BRITA Professional. This by extension will help to validate claims and reassure you that the supply chain has the manufacturer’s approval.

Customers are at the heart of everything

Embracing quality remains more important than ever as we look to support businesses in light of the pandemic.  First Choice, Hobart Service and BRITA Professional all hold the ISO 9001 certification which demonstrates the standards that organisations must have in place within their quality management system.

As an industry we continue to innovate with technology embracing auto replenishment schemes which use APIs so parts can be automatically re-ordered. On World Quality Day 2020 our customers remain at the heart of everything we do as we strive to support you to maintain quality equipment no matter what.

For more information on our OEM spares supply for BRITA Professional and Hobart visit:

World Quality Day graphic from First Choice Group

Image showing Williams Refrigeration's new refrigerated drawers

Versatile, space saving Chef's Drawers from ceda Silver Partner Williams Refrigeration

Versatile, space saving Chef's Drawers from ceda Silver Partner Williams Refrigeration

The variable temperature Chef’s Drawers from Williams are perfect for use in any commercial kitchen, especially where space is limited.

All models in the Chef’s Drawers range are variable temperature models that can be conveniently switched from a refrigerator to a freezer. They provide refrigerated storage of key ingredients right where it’s needed most – at the cook face.

Our compact VSWCD1 model is just 670mm deep, allowing it to fit comfortably under a standard 700mm work surface, and it accepts 2/1GN pans, up to an impressive 150mm in depth.

Two drawers can be stacked – doubling the footprint capacity. Crucially, the stacked height is just 838mm, including castors, so they fit under a 900mm high worktop.

Made of stainless steel throughout our Chef’s Drawers can cope with ambients as high as 43°C making it ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

Read more here:



Williams Chefs Drawers

Latest News from ceda Silver Partner Falcon Foodservice Equipment regarding their "Connected Kitchen."

Falcon’s Connected Kitchen: Delivering a step change in HACCP, Energy and Kitchen Monitoring

Falcon’s universal system allows operators to connect and monitor every appliance via one platform.

One of the key benefits of the Falcon Connected Kitchen is the ability to continually monitor what’s going on in the kitchen with minimum fuss – allowing the kitchen brigade to get on with preparing and cooking top quality food.  For example, there is no need to manually record HACCP data – the system’s intelligent sensors take constant readings and make them available for viewing at any time.  Information is stored securely and can be archived for access at any time.

Unlike conventional connected systems, operators can connect any appliance to The Falcon Connected Kitchen and they all share the same platform and dashboard.  The Falcon Connected Kitchen monitors temperature and operation, sends alarms and reminders, collects data including energy use and as mentioned HACCP, and it can be monitored remotely.  And it’s not limited to Falcon manufactured equipment – it’s a universal system that can be fitted to appliances from any manufacturer.

“This is a step change for kitchens,” says Lawrence Hughes, sales and marketing director of Falcon. “Connectivity is the future – what operators don’t want is to be having to use different platforms, one for each manufacturer. Operators need a single platform where they can monitor all their appliances. And that’s what The Falcon Connected Kitchen delivers.”

“We believe that The Falcon Connected Kitchen is the first genuine connected kitchen solution, since it allows any product or device in the kitchen to be connected to a single platform, viewable on any PC or mobile device,” says Hughes. “For example, in our development kitchen we’ve used the system to simultaneously monitor a Williams blast chiller and fridge, a dishwasher, a Lainox combination oven, plus Falcon prime cooking appliances and the kitchen’s power supply.”

The Falcon Connected Kitchen can save users running costs, not only by warning of any problems, and thus minimising downtime and food wastage, but also by monitoring energy efficiency.  “A great example of that is the user can get an alert whenever a piece of equipment is switched on – maybe once and for all putting an end to the age-old habit of switching all the kitchen appliances on first thing in the morning whether they are required or not,” says Hughes.

The Falcon Connected Kitchen has been developed in conjunction with connected kitchen specialist Koolzone, whose managing director Steve Miller says, “Kudos to Falcon for taking this ‘open platform’ approach to the connected kitchen.   By allowing operators to connect any brand of appliance to the system, they are making connectivity much more accessible, cost-effective and efficient.”

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment and is the UK distributor for Lainox combination ovens. With a company history going back over 200 years, Falcon now supplies operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe.  Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support.  Visit for more information.

Managed Services from ceda Silver Partner Brita Water Filters

Managed Services from ceda Silver Partner Brita Water Filters

We are proud to share the following update from Silver Partner to ceda, Brita Water Filter Systems Ltd.

BRITA Managed Services – helping kitchens avoid the impact of limescale damage on profitability

We all know that hard water can lead to limescale build up in combi-ovens, but have you really considered the overall cost impact on your kitchen operation?  Limescale build up can lead to:

  • Machine breakdown and kitchen downtime
  • Expensive repair or replacement costs
  • Higher energy costs

Prevention is Key!

Using a BRITA water filter on your appliances saves you money by preventing the problems that limescale can cause, as well as increasing the lifetime of your equipment.

Watch BRITA’s latest video to see how you can improve the profitability of your kitchen

Not only that, but it’s vital to change your filter on time to keep your equipment running optimally.  We know how busy kitchens can be, which is why BRITA Managed Services offer a range of services that can be tailored to your individual needs to help you manage your water filtration requirements.  From testing your water to monitoring your water filter usage and notifying you when your next
exchange is due, BRITA can manage it all for you.

Whether you are new to BRITA or an existing user, contact us today to find out how BRITA Managed
Services can help your business save time and money. Call 01869 365851

ceda Silver Partner Meiko UK's latest Brochure is published

ceda Silver Partner Meiko UK's latest Brochure is published.

We are delighted to share Silver Partner to ceda Meiko UK’s latest Brochure that has been published today.  The brochure introduces Meiko’s latest range of UPster® Undercounter and Hood-type dishwashers.  Both further enhance the productivity of the dishwashers, they offer operational cost savings as well.

ceda Silver Partner BGL Rieber Limited's latest "Focus On" newsletter is now available to download

ceda Silver Partner BGL Rieber Limited's latest "Focus On" Newsletter is now available to download

BGL Rieber Ltd is proud to be one of ceda’s Silver Partners and we are delighted to share their latest Newsletter, that focuses on being prepared for the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, their latest Thermoport® food transportation boxes and a range of superb ovens and storage solutions.

New Cobra Range launched by ceda Silver Partner Blue Seal

New Cobra Range launched by Silver Partner to ceda Blue Seal.

The New Cobra range presents a refreshed and practical collection of cooking appliances, made alongside the tried and tested Evolution and Waldorf ranges, in our New Zealand based factory.

Cobra products offer an entry-level to mid-range cooking suite which is functional, reliable & great value, as well as being loaded with commercial power and performance.

Blue Seal recognise not every customer requires the heavy duty features, or has the budget for Evolution or Waldorf.  Therefore, Cobra is perfectly positioned to occupy that space, with the reassurance that comes with Blue Seal Ltd.  The new expanded range offers our customers stylish improved aesthetics with uncompromised functionality at a very competitive price.

The existing cooking appliances, including ovens ranges, hob tops, griddles, chargrills, Pasta & Noodle cookers, griddle toaster and salamander, are complemented by a, stock pot burner, one, two and three-hole woks cookers* suited for Asian fusion concepts. The new range also has the addition of profiled modular in-fill tables, in 300, 450, 600, and 900 widths.

The Blue Seal, Power/Performance/Reliability ethos, is confidently delivered with the NEW Cobra Equipment Range!!