Latest News from ceda Silver Partner Falcon Foodservice Equipment regarding their "Connected Kitchen."

Falcon’s Connected Kitchen: Delivering a step change in HACCP, Energy and Kitchen Monitoring

Falcon’s universal system allows operators to connect and monitor every appliance via one platform.

One of the key benefits of the Falcon Connected Kitchen is the ability to continually monitor what’s going on in the kitchen with minimum fuss – allowing the kitchen brigade to get on with preparing and cooking top quality food.  For example, there is no need to manually record HACCP data – the system’s intelligent sensors take constant readings and make them available for viewing at any time.  Information is stored securely and can be archived for access at any time.

Unlike conventional connected systems, operators can connect any appliance to The Falcon Connected Kitchen and they all share the same platform and dashboard.  The Falcon Connected Kitchen monitors temperature and operation, sends alarms and reminders, collects data including energy use and as mentioned HACCP, and it can be monitored remotely.  And it’s not limited to Falcon manufactured equipment – it’s a universal system that can be fitted to appliances from any manufacturer.

“This is a step change for kitchens,” says Lawrence Hughes, sales and marketing director of Falcon. “Connectivity is the future – what operators don’t want is to be having to use different platforms, one for each manufacturer. Operators need a single platform where they can monitor all their appliances. And that’s what The Falcon Connected Kitchen delivers.”

“We believe that The Falcon Connected Kitchen is the first genuine connected kitchen solution, since it allows any product or device in the kitchen to be connected to a single platform, viewable on any PC or mobile device,” says Hughes. “For example, in our development kitchen we’ve used the system to simultaneously monitor a Williams blast chiller and fridge, a dishwasher, a Lainox combination oven, plus Falcon prime cooking appliances and the kitchen’s power supply.”

The Falcon Connected Kitchen can save users running costs, not only by warning of any problems, and thus minimising downtime and food wastage, but also by monitoring energy efficiency.  “A great example of that is the user can get an alert whenever a piece of equipment is switched on – maybe once and for all putting an end to the age-old habit of switching all the kitchen appliances on first thing in the morning whether they are required or not,” says Hughes.

The Falcon Connected Kitchen has been developed in conjunction with connected kitchen specialist Koolzone, whose managing director Steve Miller says, “Kudos to Falcon for taking this ‘open platform’ approach to the connected kitchen.   By allowing operators to connect any brand of appliance to the system, they are making connectivity much more accessible, cost-effective and efficient.”

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment and is the UK distributor for Lainox combination ovens. With a company history going back over 200 years, Falcon now supplies operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe.  Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support.  Visit for more information.

ceda Silver Partner BGL Rieber Limited's latest "Focus On" newsletter is now available to download

ceda Silver Partner BGL Rieber Limited's latest "Focus On" Newsletter is now available to download

BGL Rieber Ltd is proud to be one of ceda’s Silver Partners and we are delighted to share their latest Newsletter, that focuses on being prepared for the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, their latest Thermoport® food transportation boxes and a range of superb ovens and storage solutions.

ceda Silver Partner Maidaid Halycon's Exclusive Special Offer for ceda Members

ceda Silver Partner Maidaid Halycon's Special Offers for ceda Members

Maidaid, supplier of high-quality warewashing & ice machines, is running one if it’s greatest, money saving promotions. This is Maidaid’s latest initiative to provide proactive support to its customers, and is in addition to an attractive new finance package, introduced by the company earlier this year.

The Evolution promotion will run for 3 months, from 1st October to 31st December 2020 and offers a 10% off the list price on the selected machine below. The company’s distributor partners will also still benefit from their standard discount terms.

Machines in the offer are the EVO425WS, EVO515WS, EVO2035WS, all from the energy conscious Evolution range, and Utensil/Pot Washers UT61e and UT61eHR.

Maidaid is also currently running a promotion on the Halcyon range. For details of all offers and finance packages contact the Maidaid Sales Team on 03451308070 or email or your Regional Sales Manager (RSM)

ceda Chair Derek Maher's Report for 2020

ceda Chair Derek Maher's Report for 2020

“It’s been 17 months since my last Chair’s Report. Had this been delivered, as originally scheduled, at Conference in Harrogate in April, I would have talked proudly about the wonderfully positive developments that ceda has made in the previous 12 months.
Initiatives such as:

  • The development and publishing of the Apprenticeship Standard for Commercial Catering Equipment Installation and Maintenance Technicians.
  • The launch of the Industry specific Health & Safety accreditation cedaSAFE
  • Playing a significant role in the review of BS6173
  • Providing technical support and guidance on over 120 Member queries
  • Seeing the development and growth of the ceda Academy
  • Launching ceda Learning, Education and Development
  • Providing Members with 34 free nights’ accommodation at HOST, Milan
  • Distributing over 70 support requests via the Members Helpdesk
  • Undertaking the first Industry Mental Health Awareness Survey
  • The creation and publishing of a further 12 technical guidance documents
  • Over 500 employees regularly using the ceda E-Learning Platform
  • The growth of social media and PR presence of the Association and its Members

Instead, it is with even greater pride that I write about the incredible response that our Association has delivered since March. For both you the membership and the wider Industry. This response includes the following:

  • ceda not only launched, but also funded an emergency HR Support Scheme that has seen over 40 Members receive one-to-one advice and guidance on matters relating to; the furlough scheme, short-time working, employees holiday entitlement and redundancies.
  • In addition, we have issued 9 HR Guidance and template letters directly relating to Covid-19.
  • ceda has produced 12 Technical Guidance documents, risk assessments and template letters directly relating to Coronavirus, including the ‘Minimising Risk from Covid-19 when opening a commercial kitchen’ document that has been so widely used throughout the Industry. Many of these were produced proactively, such as the template letter confirming our engineers as having Key Worker Status at the beginning of lockdown.
  •  The webinar programme that ceda put together was outstanding. Covering such a myriad of important topics and delivered professionally and efficiently. During lockdown, over 70 webinars were delivered; 13 x Health & Safety, 4 x HR, 28 equipment sales and technical training sessions, 18 Members Connected sessions, DW172, Fire Suppression, Mental Health, Effective Home Working – the list goes on.  But probably the most significant were the sessions delivered by Simon Stenning and Peter Martin which gave thought leadership, facts and data on the hospitality and food service market.  I know many of us were able to use the information from these presentations to talk to our customer base and help guide their decision-making. Overall, these 72 sessions had in excess of 1,000 participants.
  • ceda identified the need to build an even greater sense of community so that no Member felt isolated or unheard. Members Connected video calls ran twice a week for 10 weeks enabling Members to share thoughts, issues and challenges with other Members.  A private LinkedIn Group was set up for the additional dissemination of information. And the promotion of Industry WhatsApp groups and Zoom quizzes all helped to support people during these times.
  •  The flow of information from various sources was gratefully received too.  As Members, we were never in the dark on matters relating to the Industry, the pandemic or Government support.  ceda’s weekly updates turned into daily updates at the start of lockdown and at times the filtered information that we received allowed Members to see ‘the wood for the trees’, in what was an incredibly challenging time.
  •  But the representative power that ceda demonstrated meant that not only were we just a distributor of information, we were actively involved in the decision-making processes.
  • Through our membership of Build UK we helped to shape Government policy relating to the construction Industry. ceda were involved with the Hospitality Suppliers Alliance that delivered greater access to local Government grants and loans for Members, ceda too were involved in dialogue with; the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, HM Treasury, Department for Culture, Media & Sport and the Department for Education.  Pulling together other Industry bodies for maximum impact, ceda wrote on 5 separate occasions to the Chancellor, once to the Prime Minister, once to the Education Secretary and twice to the Business Secretary highlighting the plight of Members and the wider Industry. And of course, we as Members were able to use the various template letters that ceda produced to write to our own local MP’s individually.
  • And then in June, ceda launched cedaRetain. By providing a shop window for those that had had their positions made redundant and giving access to ceda’s webinars and e-learning platform, ceda offered hope, opportunity and support when it was needed most. I’m delighted to confirm that in the last few weeks individuals have found employment through this great initiative.

My 18 months of being Chair have been dominated firstly by Brexit and then by Covid-19.  Neither have provided particularly positive backdrops but as I said earlier, to have held this position during these challenging times gives me an enormous sense of pride.

The situation has been unprecedented and so has ceda’s response. We know we need to keep working hard for the Membership and the Industry to ensure that once all restrictions are lifted, ceda Members are best positioned to drive this Industry forward.

We will look back on 2020 having learnt so much about ourselves as people, our businesses, this Industry and our Association.

Every challenging time produces positives and ceda has been a leading, shining light.”

ceda Silver Partner Boss Contract Furniture launches Supplement 2020 Brochure to assist members

Silver Partner to ceda Boss Contract Furniture launches special Supplement Brochure to assist members.

Our industry works at its best when it is connected, both between fellow ceda members and from the support of our supply partner members.  We are therefore delighted to inform members that Silver supply partner Boss Contract Furniture has produced a Supplement 2020 Brochure containing a compelling mixture of quality new furniture perfect for members’ projects, all at exclusive Nett prices.  Examples include the dining and coffee tables from Boss’ popular Apollo range and their superb French Bistro Chairs and Stools.  All of the items of furniture are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Please download the Supplement 2020 brochure here:  Supplement 2020 BLANK

For assistance please contact Boss Contract Furniture.