Synergy Grill appoints Richard Ebbs as Director for Commercial and Marketing

ceda Silver Partner, Synergy Grill, appoints Richard Ebbs as Director for Commercial and Marketing as part of growth plans for the Cambridge based manufacturer.

Following a successful career with Nisbets PLC, Richard decided to accept the challenge of switching from distributor to a manufacturer.

He has been part of Nisbets for over nine years and during this time was instrumental in driving forward the 30 strong own and exclusive brands (such as Polar, Buffalo and Olympia) whilst leading some of the company major projects such as setting up the National Catering Equipment Centre (NCEC) and product training for the company.

Richard said, “I have loved being part of Nisbets in what has been a hugely successful time for the company and feel very proud of the work we have done in Uropa brands, product training and with the NCEC.

“I have no doubts that under Klaus’ leadership, Nisbets will continue to grow and this is only the beginning of the company’s success, However, I felt it was right for me to accept this new challenge and very fortunate to be offered the role within Synergy Grill.”

Justin Cadbury CEO of Synergy Grill commented, “We are delighted that Richard has decided to join us. He has incredible experience of the industry and brings with him a wealth of knowledge that will help us drive Synergy Grill forward.

“Synergy Grill has the patented fuel injection technology and will have the same effect to grills as fuel injection overtaking carburetors, had in cars. It is the future. Several hundred restaurants already successfully depend on its reliability and superior performance and Richard is joining us at a perfect time to extend this new technology.”

Richard added, “Synergy Grill products are like nothing else available on the market today. They are the only grills that atomise fat! No fat means no filthy fat trays to empty, cutting down your cleaning time by 80%.

“Cleaner, less fatty smoke reduces cleaning and strain on your extraction providing you with a nicer working environment. All of this, whilst using an average of 59% less gas than other chargrill brands. This provides amazing savings of your gas bills whilst beating the performance of a ‘standard’ chargrill.

“However, for me, best of all, is the quality of the food it produces.

“It’s my belief in the range, which meant moving to Synergy Grill was a no-brainer! With such amazing USP’s, the Synergy Grill range offers a real insight into commercial cooking for the future.”

For further information on the full Synergy range or to arrange a demonstration, visit or call 01480 811000, email