Striving to reduce your carbon footprint, but not sure where to start?

BRITA Professional launches new sustainability insights magazine to help the hospitality industry define and meet their sustainability goals.

Recent research by BRITA Professional has found that despite 82% of hospitality businesses agreeing that sustainability is important to their customers, two in five (40%) don’t know how to calculate their carbon footprint.

A further 37% say they lack knowledge and confidence when it comes to operating in a more sustainable way, and 75% say that the pandemic has slowed their drive towards sustainability.

This research was conducted by leading global water filtration brand BRITA Professional, which has launched a new sustainability insights magazine to support businesses in the sector.

The magazine, entitled “Going Full Circle”, was launched ahead of the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, and supports the Government’s global project to achieve a greener, carbon neutral society.

BRITA Professional has teamed up with a strong collective of sustainability experts to give organisations in the hospitality industry the knowledge they need to break down sustainability barriers, tackle the challenges of post-pandemic life, and achieve their environmental goals.

Steve Buckmaster, Director of Sales at BRITA Professional said, “This year has shone a light on several important issues, including the climate change crisis. However, as our research shows, many businesses in the hospitality sector are still struggling to operate in a sustainable way, despite it being of real importance to customers.

“We know that sustainability is an all-encompassing topic, and for many, that is a barrier for businesses in knowing where to begin. So, our aim with this magazine is to support organisations in the sector in recognising the challenges, tackling the big issues, answering the big questions and debunking myths.”

BRITA Professional is committed to relieving pressure by supporting customers with preventative maintenance of catering and beverage equipment via its BRITA Managed Services offer. Equipment that suffers from limescale build up uses more energy and has a shorter lifespan, meaning more machines going into landfill. Preventative maintenance not only has a positive impact on the circular economy, but helps operators keep their costs down.

The company has also made a series of commitments to reduce its own environmental impact, such as diverting 100% of its operational waste in the UK from landfill. BRITA has also been recycling filters since 1992 and is working closely with partners to align the entire supply chain to encourage all used filters to be recycled. Once collected, a bespoke process turns them into everything from resin to be used in new filters, to the plastic used to make parts for the automobile industry.

To download a copy of the BRITA Professional Sustainability Magazine, visit ⁣Going Full Circle | BRITA