Sprint Group Install the Future of Catering

The future of catering is coming – with the new F-Gas Regulation aiming to reduce Global Warming emissions caused by F-Gases, and eco-friendly practises becoming ever more in the forefront of the industry, Sprint Group ask: what are we doing to help our planet and our customers too?

This is a big question and one that Sprint Group ask daily. Indeed, the legislation has been in effect since 2015 and aims to achieve a 79% reduction in the use of HFCs by 2030, encouraging manufacturers, service companies and operators to adopt a different approach to how they operate.

To achieve this, the next big changes will come into effect in 2020 and may impact other operators in areas such as the service and maintenance of existing refrigeration equipment and the availability of like-for-like replacements.

Sprint Group have been vigilant and, for the past 4 years, have managed to recycle 90% of all waste. Dellam Murray, Sprint Group’s Business Development Manager explains:

“With the help of many suppliers and clients, Sprint have not just ‘cleaned up our act’, we have recycled others’ waste alongside ours, helping everyone become as environmentally-friendly as they can be, with next to no hassle.”

Businesses that own or operate integral freezer cabinets, large coolers, larger multi-decks, cold rooms or remote systems that are more than a couple of years old, may have equipment operating on F-Gas (R404A), one of the high GWP refrigerant gasses which will be banned from sale in new equipment from January.

Dellam continues: “Sprint are here to help our existing clients make the change as pain free as possible, and we welcome those who are changing to chat with us, so we can talk about the provision of alternatives and advise what is best for them.”

There is an alternative already available today, Hydrocarbon refrigerants are natural, non-toxic gasses that have no ozone-depleting properties and low global warming potential.

For this reason, they have been selected as the environmentally-friendly choice of refrigerant for all of Sprint Group’s new commercial refrigeration installations, after being used for many years in domestic refrigeration.

If you’d like to chat with Sprint Group, please call the team on 01386 555922 or email sales@sprint-group.co.uk for more information about how they can design and fit an environmentally friendly kitchen or bar for you and your business