Specifi: Leading the Way at the CEDA Conference

Last month, Specifi had the pleasure of presenting at the CEDA conference, where our team showcased our cutting-edge solutions to industry leaders. While we may not have had the opportunity to connect with every member directly, we want to emphasise that we are here and ready to demonstrate the power of Specifi Quote and Specifi Design.

Our Commitment to CEDA Members

At Specifi, we pride ourselves on being a complete ecosystem for the Foodservice Equipment & Supplies industry. Whether you need tools for quoting commercial kitchens, solutions for designing these spaces, or comprehensive content management and BIM content creation, Specifi have you covered. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of your project is supported by state-of-the-art technology and expert guidance.

Excited to Be Part of the CEDA Community

We are thrilled to be members of CEDA and look forward to contributing to the community. Our goal is to assist CEDA members with all their CPQ needs, providing solutions that enhance efficiency and accuracy in every project. We believe in the power of collaboration and are eager to support your business with our expertise.

Leading the Way in BIM and Revit Integration

As BIM/Revit specialists, Specifi offers a consultative sales approach to dealers looking to transition from AutoCAD to Revit. Our experience in creating architectural symbols for foodservice equipment spans 30 years, making us the ideal partner for those navigating this shift. Specifi’s symbols are rich in data, available in both CAD and BIM/Revit formats, and designed to create accurate, useful layouts and renderings for commercial kitchens, bars, and restaurants.

Enhancing BIM Processes with Specifi

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionised the way we design and manage foodservice environments. By capturing and storing extensive data about every component of a facility, BIM improves decision-making throughout the building’s lifecycle. Specifi’s data-rich symbols play a crucial role in this process by ensuring accurate equipment specification, enhancing the realism of BIM models, and facilitating clear communication among all project stakeholders.

Here’s how Specifi can benefit your BIM projects:

  • Accurate Equipment Specification: Avoid costly mistakes and delays by ensuring the correct equipment is specified for your projects using Specifi’s detailed symbols.
  • Improved BIM Model Accuracy: Our symbols include comprehensive information about dimensions, materials, and specifications, leading to more accurate and realistic models.
  • Enhanced Communication: Specifi’s easily understandable symbols improve communication between architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders, ensuring a shared understanding of the project’s design intent.

Let Specifi Support Your Success

We invite all CEDA members to explore how Specifi can enhance their projects. Whether you are transitioning to Revit or looking to improve your current BIM processes, our team is ready to provide the support and expertise you need. Contact us today to schedule a demo of Specifi Quote and Specifi Design and discover the difference our solutions can make for your business.

Either call or email Simon Lilley, our local in country, specialist to arrange your free demonstration. s.lilley@specifiglobal.com, 07818568889